02 Jul 2020
Transcript - Interview with Kerry Peck, 2BS Radio
Subjects: Regional Aviation, Inland Rail
02 Jul 2020
Interview on Triple M Hobart
Subjects: Tasmanian Infrastructure Package
30 Jun 2020
Transcript - Interview ABC Riverina with Sally Bryant
Subjects: Regional Media, Australia’s Aviation Industry
25 Jun 2020
Transcript - Interview Triple M Riverina
Subjects: Bushfire Recovery, Coronavirus
24 Jun 2020
Transcript - Interview Sky News with Peter Gleeson
Subjects: Regional Australia, Trade Relations, Border Closures
22 Jun 2020
Transcript - Press conference NorthConnex
Subject: NorthConnex, COVID-19
16 Jun 2020
Transcript - Interview on Sounds of the Mountains FM 96.3
Subjects: Regional Airports Program; Regional newspapers; Eden-Monaro by-election; Inland Rail project
15 Jun 2020
Transcript - 4BC Breakfast with Neil Breen
Subjects: Infrastructure announcement; Inland Rail; Dam Infrastructure
15 Jun 2020
Transcript - ABC News Breakfast
Subjects: Infrastructure announcement
07 Jun 2020
Transcript - Press conference: Continued support for aviation industry
Subjects: Aviation; foreign investment; HomeBuilder; protests; travel
05 Jun 2020
Interview with Leigh Ryan on Triple M Riverina
Subjects: Building Better Regions Fund, HomeBuilder
05 Jun 2020
Transcript - Wagga Wagga Press Conference
Subjects: Building Better Regions Fund
05 Jun 2020
Interview with ABC Riverina
Subjects: HomeBuilder, Building Better Regions Fund, Support for Australia’s Aviation Industry
23 May 2020
Interview with Leon Delaney, 2CC Canberra Radio
Subjects: Funding for Local government, Eden-Monaro by-election, coronavirus, trade with China
23 May 2020
Transcript - Perth Live with Oliver Peterson, 6PR Perth
Subjects: Funding for local governments, JobKeeper, coronavirus, trade with China