Update on notice of intention to suspend the Norfolk Island Regional Council

The time period for the Norfolk Island Regional Council (NIRC) to provide submissions to me with respect to the proposed suspension of NIRC has now concluded and my consideration of the matter is ongoing.

I issued the notice of intention to suspend NIRC for a period of three months on 15 December 2020, following the findings and recommendations of the independent audit of NIRC’s governance, operations, financial performance and financial sustainability.

This was done in line with the requirements, and my powers, under the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW) (NI).

I am now considering the submissions made to me by NIRC in accordance with legislative requirements, before making my decision on whether to temporarily suspend NIRC.

I will continue to keep you informed.

A short fact sheet on the temporary suspension process, along with the independent audit reports, can be found on the department’s website at www.regional.gov.au/territories/norfolk_island/governance/nirc.aspx

The Australian Government will continue to provide financial support to NIRC for payment of immediate critical priorities, such as staff salaries.