Update on economic stimulus projects for the Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Following my recent announcement of a tailored COVID-19 economic stimulus package from the Australian Government to support the Indian Ocean Territories, I am pleased to share with you the local projects that will be delivered on the Cocos (Keeling) Islands (CKI) through this funding.

More than $3 million funding for CKI will see the construction of new public housing, critical power infrastructure upgrades, community facilities improvements and biosecurity investment.

As I have said, we understand the significant impact that Coronavirus and associated restrictions has had on tourism and the local economies.

These projects will boost local employment and provide opportunities for local contractors, helping ensure that as we continue to work towards rebuilding from COVID-19 and travel restrictions are lifted, that the CKI community, economy and tourism are future-proofed.

The Australian Government will work with the Shire of CKI on a number of the projects. I would like to thank the Shire for its support for these projects, and its ongoing role in delivery. It is also great that this funding will continue the delivery of action items under our Cocos (Keeling) Islands Strategic Plan.

Improving local infrastructure not only provides short-term stimulus to the CKI economy and improves community facilities but also enhances the experience of visitors.

The community projects are complemented by a $445,000 tourism promotion package for the Indian Ocean Territories as a region. The package will ensure that as travel restrictions are lifted, the IOT is a destination of choice in a competitive domestic market. The Administrator, through the Regional Development Organisation, will work with the local tourism associations on this project and more detail will be provided soon.

I thank the WA Government for their support on the WA-IOT travel zone, which removes quarantine requirements for those who have been in the IOT or WA for the past 14 days.

The shovel-ready projects funded under the Australian Government’s economic support package are listed below. Further information on contracting opportunities will be provided in coming weeks.

Renovation of the Home Island retail precinct

Refurbishment and expansion of facilities to better suit community needs, in partnership with the Shire.

Construction of community residential property

Construction of two new public housing units, in partnership with the Shire.

Community-based projects identified in the CKI Strategic Plan

Public amenity upgrades including gateway beautification, youth council infrastructure works, public art projects, cultural renewal works and waste management initiatives, in partnership with the Shire.

Invasive pest and weed management

Increase the Macao paper wasp control program and Siam weed surveillance on CKI, to improve the environment and biosecurity for residents and tourists.

Dredging vessel and lagoon dredging works

Purchase of dredging vessel to support regular lagoon maintenance dredging and the Defence airfield upgrade project.

Power infrastructure projects

New power infrastructure at the Trannies Communication Site on West Island, supporting reliability of the local power network.

Ring Main Unit  replacement on West Island, to improve power supply reliability.

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