Step forward for research and education sector in Indian Ocean Territories - release of Research Prospectus

The development of a sustainable, long-term research and education sector for the Indian Ocean Territories (IOT) has made a significant step forward with the release of the IOT Research Prospectus.

As outlined in the community-led Christmas Island (CI) and Cocos (Keeling) Islands (CKI) strategic plans, the community’s goals for the future of the IOT include opportunities to expand international education and research, leveraging on the region’s unique natural marine and terrestrial environment.

The release of the IOT Research Prospectus is a step closer to realising this goal.

In line with both community aspirations, the Research Prospectus highlights the significant opportunities the IOT can offer to domestic and international academic research and scientific institutions. It lays the foundation for opportunities for future investment from the scientific and research community.

The Prospectus outlines the purpose for a Research Centre on CI, potential areas of focus for research in the IOT, and how a research centre could best achieve its vision. The overall goal is to conduct world-class education and research programs while driving the regional economy forward.

I would like to thank the IOT Research Working Group for developing the Research Prospectus. The Working Group is made up of 14 members from the local community, and members with diverse research interests and expertise from the university and government sectors.

I commend the innovative and unique opportunities they have identified, particularly in the areas of natural and marine sciences, biosecurity, sustainability, agriculture and social sciences.

The IOT Research Prospectus is available for download on the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications website here:

In late 2021, I will Chair the second Research Roundtable, bringing together the research and education sector to further explore their interest in developing an enduring research and education sector in the IOT.

The Australian Government remains committed to supporting an economically and environmentally sustainable future for the region.

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