Second IOT Research Roundtable taking place today

Interest in a sustainable research sector in the Indian Ocean Territories (IOT) is continuing to be explored, with the convening of a second Research Roundtable to take place today (29 October).

Together with the research sector, industry and the community, we are exploring interest from the research sector in investing in the IOT to deliver education and research programs, while driving the regional economy through flow-on, sustainable industry investment.

The Research Roundtable, comprising representatives from across the scientific, research and education sectors initially took place in February 2020, with all participants agreeing on the significant potential of a research and education sector on Christmas Island (CI) and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands (CKI) to leverage the extraordinary and unique marine and terrestrial environment of the IOT.

The focus of this second Roundtable is on assessing the interest of participants in pursuing a research agenda that is targeted, practical and sustainable and best meets the long-term needs of the scientific and research sector, industry and the IOT community.

This second Roundtable builds on the work we have already begun in investigating the potential for a sustainable, long-term research and education sector for the region, including through the release earlier this month of the IOT Research Prospectus, highlighting the significant opportunities the IOT can offer domestic and international scientific and research institutions.

The IOT Research Prospectus is available for download here:

Future international education, research and development opportunities were outlined in the community-led Our Christmas Island: 2030 Strategic Plan, as core to the sustainable, economic growth of the region, with this second Roundtable playing an important role in supporting potential collaborations and partnerships with the sector.

I will keep the community informed as discussions progress around the possibility of a sustainable research sector in the IOT.

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Assistant Minister Marino ­– Sophie Beeton (02) 6277 4293