Norfolk Island Regional Council election delay

I want to inform the Norfolk Island community that, at the request of the Norfolk Island Regional Council, I am delaying the upcoming council election.

Council’s request follows the receipt of the draft independent governance and financial audit of Norfolk Island Regional Council (NIRC) operations which the elected members requested be undertaken prior to the scheduled 2020 council elections.

Following the 28 October meeting of Council, yesterday, I – along with the Administrator Eric Hutchinson – met with the Mayor Robin Adams and general manager Andrew Roach, at Council’s request. We discussed the outcomes of the governance and financial audits, the financial position of NIRC and the possibility of a delay to the election.

Today, the Council held an Extraordinary Meeting and resolved that the Council request that I delay the elections up to four months from 14 November 2020. 

I have agreed to the Council’s request to delay the election for four months. This will enable full consideration of the final audit report once available.

I will update the community as matters are further considered.

I want to acknowledge the Council for making this difficult, but responsible, decision in the best interests of Norfolk Island’s economic sustainability and future.  

I know the community will want to read the audit findings in detail. The draft audit has just been completed and draft findings were presented to NIRC at the earliest opportunity for Council’s consideration. The audit reports are not yet finalised but will be made public as soon as possible.