New fisheries laws for IOT

I am pleased to announce new laws to support sustainable fisheries management in the Indian Ocean Territories (IOT) are now in effect.

After extensive consultation with the Cocos (Keeling) Island (CKI) and Christmas Island (CI) communities, we are implementing updated fisheries ordinances for both CKI and CI that are fit-for-purpose and best meet the long-term needs of both the marine environment and residents of the IOT.

This contemporary model for fisheries management reflects the shared priorities of all stakeholders, including community representatives, while supporting the sustainable management of the local fish populations to ensure their long-term sustainability for generations to come.

Included in the new ordinances are updated bag limits, as well as governance and compliance legislation.

Consultations on the proposed ordinances recently took place through the Christmas Island Fisheries Management Committee and Cocos Marine Care, with the groups including community representatives with a broad range of experience and views.

The Australian Government is committed to implementing a robust and sustainable fisheries management solution in the IOT and I would like to thank the communities for using their local knowledge and expertise to help inform this positive outcome.

Over the coming weeks, we will be working with stakeholders on the next steps to support implementation of the new framework, including community education, with further information to come soon.

The new ordinances will be available to view here by early next week: