Budget 2021: Delivering for Norfolk Island

Through the 2021-22 Federal Budget, the Morrison Government is committing $18.7 million for ongoing delivery of a suite of essential services to the Norfolk Island community, with a focus on sustainability and practical, fit-for-purpose services to best meet the current and future needs of the community.

This investment is enhanced by $58.6 million over the coming four years for maintenance of critical Commonwealth assets and infrastructure in Australia’s territories, including Norfolk Island.

We have prioritised Norfolk Island’s youth, committing more than $4.6 million in 2021-22 for education support services and services for child and family wellbeing, to ensure Norfolk Island residents have access to key services and facilities.

Our Government is investing more than $1.7 million to support information technology upgrades and dedicated bandwidth services for Commonwealth facilities on island including Norfolk Island Health and Residential Aged Care Services (NIHRACS) and the Norfolk Island Central School.

A further $664,000 will enhance NIHRACS governance and accreditation, to support improved patient outcomes and standards of healthcare for the Norfolk Island community.

As Australians look to their own backyards for travel, Norfolk Island has the opportunity to strengthen and grow its domestic tourism industry which is why the Australian Government is investing an additional $380,000 for tourism promotion and destination marketing for Norfolk Island.

We are committing an additional $735,000 in 2021-22 for the ongoing NI Argentine Ant Eradication program, with more than 26 percent of the infested area already successfully treated. There is also $552,000 to kick off a project to address water supply and quality issues on Norfolk Island.

In addition to supporting these important initiatives, our Government is prioritising good governance of Norfolk Island with funding to support the implementation of the recommendations out of the independent audits of the governance and financial management of the Norfolk Island Regional Council (NIRC) and annual financial auditing.

To support Norfolk Island rebuild following COVID-19, the Morrison Government has further committed to bringing forward approximately 50 per cent of the 2021–22 Financial Assistance Grant funding to be spent on local priorities. This cash injection of some $2.8 million for Norfolk Island Regional Council, to be paid from 1 July 2021, can provide assistance with the impacts of the pandemic.

After a year like no other, which saw COVID-19 significantly affect the tourism and hospitality industry, our focus is on supporting NI through the pandemic and now along the continuing path to recovery, and into the long-term. For full details, visit www.infrastructure.gov.au.