Message from the Hon Nola Marino MP to Christmas Island

Dear Christmas Island (CI) residents,

Thank you for welcoming me to your beautiful Island during my first visit as your Minister.

It was important for me to experience the Island for myself and speak directly with you about issues important to you. I greatly appreciate everyone who made time to meet with me.

It is clear we all seek an economically diverse and sustainable CI drawing on its strengths, where initiatives are community led and supported by the Australian Government.

I acknowledge the community is seeking strategies to support transition to new opportunities.

There are many opportunities for you, the community, to actively progress our shared vision. This will require businesses and the community working together, putting your hand up and participating as opportunities arise. Including the upcoming Tourism Review that will link markets with the product.

For me personally, it was inspiring to be a part of your community events and meet you. Like all small communities, untapped potential emerges when people support and mentor each other and work together on aspirational future projects. It is important to me that your businesses and community support each other for the best future possible for CI.

I look forward to seeing the completed community infrastructure projects for which I announced funding, including the upgraded cinema, sports facility and child care centre.

It is my priority to deliver the infrastructure and services you need to thrive. This includes delivering the Christmas Island Strategic Assessment, and high quality health services through the Five Year Strategic Plan for the Indian Ocean Territories Health Service.

I will advise you as soon as the Australian Government makes a decision on whether to test the market to re-establish an integrated resort, with a casino licence on CI. I am working hard to give the Government all the information it needs to make a decision.

As a strong and resilient community, it is critical that you continue to contribute to your future, as you have done with your participation in the development of the Our Christmas Island 2030 Strategic Plan. I will continue to work with you and the Administrator, Mrs Natasha Griggs, to deliver on your vision outlined in the Plan and to ensure your voices are heard.