Message from the Assistant Minister – COVID-19

I thank you, the communities of the Indian Ocean Territories, for your support as we work together to protect each other and respond to this unprecedented pandemic.

I acknowledge the efforts of the Territory Controllers Kylie Lawson and Dave Williams and the Administrator Mrs Natasha Griggs who are working hard to make important decisions to protect communities. It is important that decisions are being made and implemented in line with national protocols, and that the territories are appropriately resourced to implement the COVID-19 response.

I ask you all to continue to work together and support each other in doing the right thing and following all the protective measures which the Controllers and Administrator apply. I cannot stress enough just how important it is that you adhere to the self-isolation and other measures put in place. These measures are in place to help keep you safe.

We are all in this together. The Administrator and Controllers are providing regular updates and information to the community. The Emergency Management Committees are meeting weekly. Please stay up-to-date through the official information channels and adhere to the self-isolation, social distancing and other measures.

We also need to hold each other accountable to the necessary hygiene and social distancing restrictions, including your local self-isolation rules on return to the IOT. I urge anyone who has information about people breaking the rules to report it to the AFP immediately.

Please stay safe and well and continue to look after each other.