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$4.37 million to fix local black spots in Tasmania

Media Release


19 May 2015

Joint release with:

Eric Hutchinson

Federal Member for Lyons;
Chairperson of the Tasmanian Black Spot Consultative Panel

The Australian Government is building safer roads and a stronger economy through the national Black Spot Programme.

Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Jamie Briggs and Member for Lyons and Chair of the Tasmanian Black Spot Consultative Panel Eric Hutchinson today announced $4.37 million in funding for 35 Black Spot projects across Tasmania.

Mr Briggs said this funding is part of the Australian Government's record commitment of $500 million to the Black Spot Programme in the 2014 Budget which includes an additional $200 million to fast-track investment in world class infrastructure across the country.

“As a result of the Australian Government's additional investments, an extra 25 projects will be funded in Tasmania over 2015–16, meaning even safer roads, improved travel times for motorists and more local jobs,” Mr Briggs said.

“These extra projects are expected to save an additional 3 lives and prevent 153 injury crashes over 10 years, and deliver economic dividends of around $18 million,” he said.

Mr Hutchinson said this investment in Black Spot projects will deliver safer roads for Tasmania through targeted upgrades proven to deliver results.

“Black Spot projects target dangerous roads to save lives and reduce road trauma, ensuring Australia's roads are made safer and more productive for all road users,” Mr Hutchinson said.

“An evaluation of the Black Spot Programme has found that fatal and casualty crashes are reduced at treated sites by 30%, which equals one life per year for every 84 projects. Projects also return almost $7 for every $1 invested by reducing the number and cost of crashes,” he said.

The Tasmanian panel which reviews priorities for the programme includes representatives from the Tasmania Police, Tasmanian Motorcycle Council, Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania and state and local government.

The Australian Government broadened the eligibility criteria for project applications in 2015–16 and 2016–17 to ensure local communities have greater access to the $200 million in additional funding for road safety upgrades.

Our record investment in world class infrastructure will support more than $125 billion of construction activity across the country ensuring we boost economic growth, slash travel times in our major cities and create thousands of jobs for a more prosperous future.

Individuals and community groups are encouraged to nominate black spots for consideration.

Nomination forms for Black Spot Projects are available at:

2015–2016 Black Spot Projects—Tasmania

Project Name Treatment Australian Government Funding Other
Total Estimated Cost Local Government Area
Leven Street Jermyn Street ULVERSTONE Install a roundabout $230,000     Central Coast
Queen Street
From Hobbs Parade to north of Alice
Install pedestrian refuges and upgrade the median $180,000     Central Coast
Victoria Valley Road
100m east of Brown Marsh Road
Remove crest in the road $90,000     Central Highlands Council
Kennedy Drive Runway Place CAMBRIDGE Install a right turn lane $150,000     Clarence City
Montagu Street (Lyell Highway) Burnett Street
Install a right turn lane $100,000     Derwent
Valley Council
Middle Road
From Bass Highway (eastbound ramps) to Morris Avenue
Install a right turn lane and upgrade the median $155,000     Devonport
City Council
Stony Rise Road Lawrence Drive DEVONPORT Install a right turn lane $85,000     Devonport
City Council
Golconda Road
From 1.3km west to 1.7km east of
Burns Road
Upgrade delineation and widen short sections of road $155,000     Dorset Council
Golconda Road
From 400m west to 1.8km east of
Gillespies Road
Upgrade delineation and widen short sections of road $90,000     Dorset Council
Main Road (East Tamar Highway) William Street
Install traffic islands $35,000     George Town
Tasman Highway Barton Avenue TRIABUNNA Install right turn lane $190,000 $60,000 (State) $250,000 Glamorgan Spring Bay Council
Tasman Highway Swan River Road SWANSEA Install right turn lane $190,000 $60,000 (State) $250,000 Glamorgan Spring Bay Council
Berriedale Road
Brooker Highway (northbound ramps)
Install a roundabout $730,000     Glenorchy
City Council
Main Road
Marys Hope Road
Install traffic signals $250,000     Glenorchy
City Council
Olinda Grove Proctors Road DYNNYRNE Install a roundabout $400,000     Hobart City
Gore Street
McKellar Street (and Hobart Rivulet
Install a wombat style raised pedestrian crossing $35,000 $15,000 (Council) $50,000 Hobart City
Creek Road
From Augusta Road to Maria Street
Mark offset centreline and install kerb extension at zebra crossing $30,000 $5,000 (Council) $35,000 Hobart City
Clare Street
30m north of Harding Street
Install kerb extension $30,000 $5,000 (Council) $35,000 Hobart City
Queens Walk Bellevue Parade NEW TOWN Install median refuge island $15,000 $5,000 (Council) $20,000 Hobart City
Waimea Avenue
30m North of Balfour Court
Remodel childrens crossing $15,000 $5,000 (Council) $20,000 Hobart City
Esperance Coast Road From Surges Bay to Dover DOVER Upgrade delineation and install sections of safety barrier $210,000     Huon Valley
Union Bridge Road and Paradise
From Liena Road to Claude Road
Install warning signs, guideposts, centreline markings and sections of safety barrier $75,000 $50,000 (Council) $125,000 Kentish
Staverton Road
From West Kentish Road to Cethana
Widen corners and improve sight distance and delineation $21,000 $9,000 (Council) $30,000 Kentish
Westbury Road
Stanley Street and Oakden Road
Remodel existing roundabout $85,000 $85,000 (Council) $170,000 Launceston
City Council
Douglas Street Campbell Street NEWSTEAD Install a roundabout $45,000     Launceston
City Council
Gorge Road Bald Hill Road TREVALLYN Realign the approach to the roundabout $20,000     Launceston
City Council
Goderich Street (East Tamar
Highway) Forster Street
Remodel layout of approaches to the intersection $15,000     Launceston
City Council
Meander Road
From Highland Lakes Road to
Upgrade delineation, thermoplastic markings and guideposts $50,000 $5,500 (Council) $55,500 Meander
Valley Council
Fore Street
Entrance to Perth Primary School
Construct a turning head at end of cul-de-sac $38,500 $17,500 (Council) $56,000 Northern Midlands Council
Relbia Road
Curve 1.5km west of White Hills
Install safety barrier $28,140 $13,860 (Council) $42,000 Northern Midlands Council
Primrose Sands Road
Curve 900m west of Fulham Road
Realign the curve $210,000     Sorell Council
Saltwater River Road
Curve 4km north of Nubeena Road
Install safety barrier $24,420     Tasman
Nubeena Road
Curve 200m west of Plummers Road
Install safety barrier $21,000     Tasman
Old Bass Highway Mount Hicks Road WYNYARD Install a roundabout $290,000     Waratah- Wynyard Council
Bridgenorth Road
Curve 3.3km west of West Tamar
Curve improvements $83,000     West Tamar