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Transcript of Press Conference: Gipps Street, Claremont Meadows, NSW



16 February 2015

Subjects: Preferred tenderer for Werrington Arterial

Jamie Briggs: It's great to be here in Western Sydney again this morning with Fiona Scott, the Federal Member for Lindsay, Tanya Davies the NSW Member for Mulgoa, and Bernard Bratusa, who's our candidate down here in Londonderry for the state election.

This is another $70 million as part of the three-and-a-half billion dollars being spent in Western Sydney to upgrade infrastructure, to support the establishment of a second airport in Sydney. This was a commitment we made last year that we would have roads and infrastructure built to service the growth that we want to see out in this part of Sydney to help build prosperity, create jobs and ensure that Australia's stronger. And it's terrific to today announce that Burton Contractors will conduct the upgrade of the Werrington Arterial Road.

I've just been speaking to the owners of Burtons. It's a family business, a local construction firm and they will build this upgrade using local contractors. It's another terrific element of the package we've put together with the New South Wales Government. It's already providing so much additional work for local people creating local jobs and ensuring a stronger Western Sydney for the future. It is again another example of the Abbott Government working with the Baird Government to build a stronger New South Wales, to create more jobs for future prosperity. Fiona, do you want to add a few words?

Fiona Scott: It's a great honour to be here today with my state colleagues Bernard Bratusa and Tanya Davies the member Mulgoa and of course Jamie Briggs, Assistant Minister for Infrastructure.

Long has this area of Western Sydney been forgotten. This part of Western Sydney has a jobs deficit anywhere between 180,000 and 220,000 jobs. Two-thirds of the workforce have to commute every single day, it's estimated in the vicinity of 65,000 people have to

commute, mainly by road. Werrington Arterial is a key piece of infrastructure that will lead the M4 into the Werrington Business Park and then into the Dunheved Business Park. The Penrith Business Alliance estimates that these two business parks each will contribute 6000 jobs to us here in this part of Western Sydney. That's significant because we're talking about smart jobs, when you look at where the Werrington Corporate Centre is going in, it's just a building that's still partially under construction. They'll be smart jobs in the vicinity of health and research. It's significant that we have this linking road that will now link the M4 to this—across this newly developed growing region.

I'd really like to thank the vision of the State and Federal Governments in delivering vital infrastructure to the people of Western Sydney, to Burton the contractors who I was just speaking to, that would be bringing 110 jobs on this one piece of infrastructure but then also using many of our local contractors. So thank you Jamie for coming out today, this is a great announcement and I might pass over to my colleague Tanya Davies.

Tanya Davies: Well today is a dream come true really for Western Sydney families and commuters. The $70 million Werrington Arterial stage one upgrade which we are announcing today will be built by Burton Construction and it will be a huge boost to the residents and families of Western Sydney. The Baird Government is absolutely determined and focused to deliver the roads infrastructure that Western Sydney has needed for a generation. The $70 million road upgrade here at Werrington Arterial will ease the congestion that we are already encountering on Mamre Road and the Northern Road. It is boosting the travel connections that Western Sydney deservedly needs to cater for the growth that we will see across this great region now and into the future.

Question: Why are there no westbound entry and exit lanes on the M4 side?

Fiona Scott: Like I just said two-thirds of the workforce in this region actually commutes every single day, the majority to the city. So if you actually look at the work that RMS has done in what this project is, it is to actually relieve that pressure as two-thirds of traffic is in the east-bound direction.

Question: Will it be something for stage two?

Fiona Scott: Not at this stage, stage two will be looking at connecting it from the Great Western Highway further north to the business precincts in Dunheved.

Jamie Briggs: Right, thank you.