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Transcript of Doorstop, Morning Doors, Parliament House



18 March 2014

Jamie Briggs: Well, look, on the weekend I was honoured to stand with the Prime Minister on Sunday in Sydney as we launched the next stage, with Premier O'Farrell, of the NorthConnex project, a project that, in its construction, will create some 2000 jobs, will add to our freight network across the country. It is a project that shows when the private sector and government work together, you can deliver infrastructure that wouldn't have been delivered otherwise, and it is being delivered because of the infrastructure Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, putting an emphasis on getting the project built, not just talked about.

Equally, in Western Australia, when we came to government last year, we found two very important road projects which had been announced but were not funded by the Labor Party and would not have gone ahead if Labor had been re-elected: North West Coastal Road and the Great Northern Highway.

Both projects were funded from a mining tax that didn't produce any revenue. Projects that would not have happened if the Labor Party had been re-elected in September. They are now proceeding in Western Australia because of the infrastructure Prime Minister. He said, when we told him that these projects had been announced but had no funding, that they needed to be funded, they needed to go ahead, and we'll see this year those projects go ahead because of Tony Abbott and the Coalition Government.

So Western Australians, on 5 April, will know that they'll have three senators to choose from, Liberal Party senators that will represent their interests and the interests of Western Australia with the Infrastructure Prime Minister at the forefront.

Question: Should Arthur Sinodinos step aside while this investigation goes on?

Jamie Briggs: Well, look, ICAC is obviously an independent inquiry process and we shouldn't, you know, comment on those processes while they go on. But I can say that Arthur Sinodinos is a great man, and he's a man of the highest integrity.

Question: He may be a great man, though, but these are very serious allegations.

Jamie Briggs: Well, look, you know, I'm not going to comment on the ICAC processes, but I will certainly give Arthur Sinodinos a character reference. He's a very good person.

Question: How does it look for the Government, though, that a senior minister is being named at ICAC?

Jamie Briggs: Well, look, I think they're independent processes and they should be allowed to proceed, but Arthur is a terrific person. He's a great contributor. He's doing a great job.

Question: But it's not good for the Government, is it?

Jamie Briggs: Arthur's a great person. He's doing a terrific job. Thank you.

Question: In relation to financial planning, are you concerned that some consumers could be worse off if they get rid of safeguards and the Coalition bypasses the Parliament to get these changes through?

Jamie Briggs: That's a matter for the relevant minister.

Question: But do you think it's concerning for consumers that financial planners could act in their best interests, rather than their clients'?

Jamie Briggs: That's a matter for the relevant minister.

Thanks, guys.