23 Sep 2020
National Press Club Address

Thanks to COVID, 2020 has been the year of working and studying from home, of Zoom and Skype and Teams and Webex and BlueJeans and many other videoconferencing apps.

06 Apr 2020
Speech to the CommsDay Summit

Well it's good to be with you.

This CommsDay summit comes at a time when the Australian telecommunications sector is doing an extraordinary job keeping Australians connected as we work and study from home in response to COVID-19.

21 Feb 2020
Speech to the International Institute of Communications: The Harmonised Framework—digital platforms and the media


It is a pleasure to speak at this important forum considering a harmonised framework for digital platforms and the media.

11 Dec 2019
Speech to the National Press Club: Keeping Australians Safe Online



It is good to be here at the National Press Club to speak about how we keep Australians safe online.

28 Nov 2019
Speech to the Creative Regions Summit


It’s a pleasure to be here today at this important summit.

Australia is home to a vibrant and critically important creative arts sector.

12 Nov 2019
Speech to the Screen Forever 2019 conference


I appreciate the opportunity to speak to you today.

The Screen industry – film and television – is very important.

In my remarks today I want to speak firstly about why that is.

01 Nov 2019
Speech to the ACCI Breakfast - Connecting Australia: The Big Future of Small Business


It is great to be here to talk about productivity, small business and the NBN.

Thank you to ACCI for putting on this important event.

09 Oct 2019
2019 CommsDay Melbourne Congress


It is a pleasure to once again speak at this important CommsDay conference.