04 Jun 2021
Backing infrastructure and technology for a stronger Hobart

The return of the Gutwein Government is good news for Tasmania - and good news for the Hobart City Deal.

30 Sep 2020
Safeguarding Australian content in a world of changing viewership

We need Australian stories on our screens. It’s important to Australia’s cultural identity – and, with the production sector employing 25,000 people, it’s important economically too.

23 Sep 2020
Op Ed: Broadband turnaround powers past Labor’s sterile fibre wars

When COVID-19 came along and millions of Australians switched overnight to working and studying from home, they really needed good broadband.

In Australia’s hour of need, the national broadband network delivered.

12 May 2020
Only a mug would believe in Rudd's NBN nirvana

In Kevin Rudd's mind, Australia would today be in an NBN fibre nirvana, had the dastardly Liberals not come along to trash his vision.

05 May 2020
Op-Ed: Key lessons from bushfire failures

When devastating bushfires hit Australia over summer, our fixed line and mobile phone networks came under great pressure.

29 Apr 2020
Op-Ed: Chance to share both pain and celebration

History is complex - and inevitably there are differing perspectives on individual historical events. That is certainly true of Australian history.

27 Apr 2020
Why government is moving to tame digital duopoly

In the past decade, Australia has lost more than 100 local and regional newspapers.

Just in the past few weeks, with COVID-19 driving a sharp fall in advertising revenues, publishers have announced further closures or suspensions.

23 Apr 2020
Op-Ed: Coronavirus hit Australia’s arts industry hard and early. Our support package is designed to help

For the many Australians who enjoy the arts, the restrictions imposed by Covid-19 are painful.

31 Mar 2020
Op-Ed: NBN can handle working from home surge being experienced

As we respond to COVID-19, there are suddenly lots more Australians working from home.

Many people are wondering if the network can cope with this surge in demand.

11 Mar 2020
Op-Ed: Success of NBN is picking up speed

How can we know if the massive investment in the national broadband network has been a success?

Labor promised the NBN in the 2007 election - but they never seemed to know what success was, or how to achieve it.

11 Feb 2020
Op-Ed: Digital giants must take control of murder online
Originally published in The Australian on Tuesday 11 February 2020
11 Feb 2020
Op-Ed: Explaining the justification for the RBS charge
Originally published in CommsDay on Tuesday 11 February 2020
14 Jan 2020
Op-Ed: Telcos learn to keep connected under fire
Originally published in the Canberra Times, Monday 13 January 2020
18 Dec 2019
Op-Ed: 5G is fast, safe and crucial technology
Originally published in the West Australian, 18 December 2019.
16 Dec 2019
Op-Ed: It's time to update Australia's outdated film and TV rules for the streaming era
Originally published in the Sydney Morning Herald on Monday 16 December 2019