31 Mar 2020
Op-Ed: NBN can handle working from home surge being experienced

As we respond to COVID-19, there are suddenly lots more Australians working from home.

Many people are wondering if the network can cope with this surge in demand.

11 Mar 2020
Op-Ed: Success of NBN is picking up speed

How can we know if the massive investment in the national broadband network has been a success?

Labor promised the NBN in the 2007 election - but they never seemed to know what success was, or how to achieve it.

11 Feb 2020
Op-Ed: Digital giants must take control of murder online
Originally published in The Australian on Tuesday 11 February 2020
11 Feb 2020
Op-Ed: Explaining the justification for the RBS charge
Originally published in CommsDay on Tuesday 11 February 2020
14 Jan 2020
Op-Ed: Telcos learn to keep connected under fire
Originally published in the Canberra Times, Monday 13 January 2020
18 Dec 2019
Op-Ed: 5G is fast, safe and crucial technology
Originally published in the West Australian, 18 December 2019.
16 Dec 2019
Op-Ed: It's time to update Australia's outdated film and TV rules for the streaming era
Originally published in the Sydney Morning Herald on Monday 16 December 2019