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Upgrading dangerous roads in New South Wales

Media Release


06 June 2017

Joint release with:

Ann Sudmalis

Member for Gilmore
Chair of the New South Wales Black Spot Consultative Panel

  • NSW allocated $19.2 million under latest Black Spot Programme funding
  • On average, black spot projects reduce fatal and injury crashes by 30%

The Turnbull-Joyce Government is changing lives and saving lives in New South Wales by upgrading dozens of roads across New South Wales with a poor crash history.

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester alongside Member for Gilmore and Chair of the New South Wales Black Spot Consultative Panel Ann Sudmalis today announced $19.2 million in funding for 52 Black Spot projects across the state.

“The Australian Government knows the difference safer roads makes to the community and by improving these ‘black spots’ over the next 12 months everyone will benefit,” Mr Chester said.

“I'm passionate about keeping people safe on our roads, and on average completed Black Spot road projects reduce fatalities and injuries by 30 per cent.”

Mrs Sudmalis said the Australian Government's investment in these Black Spot projects will deliver safer roads in 27 local government areas throughout New South Wales.

“Safety will be significantly improved at the 52 black spot projects across New South Wales, with nine fatal and 249 injury crashes recorded at these sites,” Mrs Sudmalis said.

The Australian Government would like to thank the panel, which reviews priorities for the Black Spot programme, including representatives from the NRMA, NSW Federation of P&C Associations, the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia, NSW Police, and state and local government.

For more information on the Australian Government's Black Spot Programme, or to nominate a black spot, visit

A full list of the Black Spot projects in New South Wales is listed below.

2017–18 Black Spot Projects—New South Wales

Project NameTreatmentAustralian Government FundingLocal Government Area
Byron Bay Road
From 0.45km to 3.45km north of Ross Lane
Install raised pavement markers and audio tactile centrelines, widen shoulders and install roadside wire rope barrier at selected curves. Improve superelevation and provide a high level non-skid surface $1,992,363 Ballina Shire Council
Helen Street
From Munro Street to Carlingford Street
Install two roundabouts and six speed humps $496,000 Canterbury-Bankstown Council
Marion Street
Birch St, Brancourt Ave, Cragg St, Cumberland Ave, Dutton St, Little Rd and Saltash St
Upgrade multiple intersections with raised islands and pedestrian gap with raised pavement markers and upgrade to stop control. Install holding line and stop signs at other locations $395,000 Canterbury-Bankstown Council
Sphinx Avenue
From Cahors Road to Pyramid Avenue
Install a single lane roundabout and a raised threshold $260,000 Canterbury-Bankstown Council
Marco Avenue
From Knight Avenue to Anderson Avenue
Install raised islands with pedestrian gap, install holding line, paint island faces, install raised pavement markers and upgrade give way to stop $190,000 Canterbury-Bankstown Council
The Avenue
From Glassop Street to Waruda Street
Install raised islands with stop signs to improve sight line $122,000 Canterbury-Bankstown Council
Antwerp Street
From Augusta Street to Eldridge Road
Install raised island with additional stop or give way and install mid-block raised thresholds $121,000 Canterbury-Bankstown Council
Wilbur Street
From Roberts Road to Skyline Street
Install mid block raised threshold including bollard and chain to differentiate treatment from pedestrian crossing $107,000 Canterbury-Bankstown Council
Moreton Street
From Lakemba Street to Railway Parade
Install mid-block slow points $90,000 Canterbury-Bankstown Council
Cessnock Road
From First Street to 200m South
Install curve alignment markers and raised concrete median (elsholz) through curve $200,000 Cessnock City Council
Armidale Road
Between Wirri Road and 700m north of Wirri Road
Improve superelevation and widen shoulder, install edge lines and upgrade curve alignment markers, guideposts and speed advisory signs $512,950 Clarence Valley Council
Orara Way
From 1.4km to 2.4km south of Boundary Road
Widen existing western batter to improve shoulder and superelevation and install curve alignment markers, guideposts, road feature signage and speed advisory signage $484,040 Clarence Valley Council
Coramba Road
From 800m to 1.15km east of Mount Browne Road
Increase existing curve radius, improve sealed shoulder, mark barrier lines and install curve alignment markers and new curve advisory speed signs $745,144 Coffs Harbour City Council
Eurobodalla Road
From 1.0km to 4.0km west of Princes Highway
Install shoulder on straight, 4–6m incremental traversable clear zone and roadside barrier $357,000 Eurobodalla Shire Council
Yarragee Road
From 200m to 1.75km west of Araluen Road
Install new curve speed advisory signs, improve sealed shoulder on curve, install 4–6m incremental traversable clear zone and install roadside barrier $277,500 Eurobodalla Shire Council
Sweethaven Road
From Arrowhead Road to Allambie Road
Install a single lane roundabout at Allambie Road and a raised threshold $179,120 Fairfield City Council
Bowden Street
Woods Avenue and Huie Street
Install a single lane roundabout $158,710 Fairfield City Council
Belmore Road
Clarendon Road and Richards Avenue
Install a single lane roundabout $193,000 Georges River Council
Highland Way
From Barbers Creek Road to Bumballa Street
Install traversable clear zone and shoulder from no shoulder, improve sealed shoulder on curve and install profile edge lines and guideposts $695,000 Goulburn Mulwaree Council
Culcairn Holbrook Road
From Purtell Street to 1.75km west
Full reconstruction to improve superelevation, improve horizontal alignment of curves, provide full width traversable clear zone and sealed shoulders $883,265 Greater Hume Shire Council
Renown Road
Park Road
Install a single lane roundabout $300,000 The Hills Shire Council
Hartley Valley Road
From 500m north to 2.0km south of Doctors Gap Road
Improve sealed shoulder on curve, mark road edge lines, install guideposts, install roadside guardrail, wire rope barrier and raised pavement markers $398,908 City of Lithgow Council
South Liverpool Road
St Johns Road
Install a raised threshold on all approaches to the roundabout with a 0.6m wide central median $125,000 Liverpool City Council
Maitland Vale Road
From 600m west to 800m east of Dickenson Road
Widen sealed shoulders and improve superelevation, extend existing roadside barrier, provide incremental clear zones beside carriageways and install a Vehicle Activated Warning Sign $775,000 Maitland City Council
Forest Road
400m section at rail overbridge
Install suitable barrier for road over rail, new curve advisory speed signs and curve alignment markers and upgrade seal to high level non-skid surface $250,500 Orange City Council
Icely Road
Paling Street
Install a single lane roundabout $225,000 Orange City Council
Taylor Road
Nutt Road and Smeeton Road
Install a median and improved signage at intersection, widen road for 100m north and south of the intersection, install wire rope barrier for 200m and curve alignment markers and provide street lighting at the intersection $365,000 Penrith City Council
Kurrajong Road
Maple Road and Plasser Crescent intersections
Move stop lines forward and upgrade give-way to stop. Install street lighting at Kurrajong and Maple and a single lane roundabout with splitter islands at Kurrajong and Plasser $215,000 Penrith City Council
Moncrieff Drive
From Bluett Avenue to Rene Street
Install median on side road and upgrade Elliott Avenue to STOP and install painted median island $120,000 Council of the City of Ryde
Jervis Bay Road
From 200m to 650m south of Woollamia Road
Install audio tactile edge and centre lines, roadside barrier and curve advisory speed signs, seal shoulder and upgrade to high friction surface $480,000 Shoalhaven City Council
The Wool Road
From 140m to 780m west of Naval College Road
Remark the existing centreline, install wider sealed shoulders and install w-beam from power poles $295,000 Shoalhaven City Council
Wheelbarrow Road
From 2.0km to 3.2km east of Woodburn Road
Install seal on unsealed surface, linemark edge lines and centreline (audio tactile linemarking), remove hazards and install new curve and speed advisory signs $210,000 Shoalhaven City Council
Paradise Beach Road
Kingsford Smith Crescent
Install a single lane mountable roundabout $190,000 Shoalhaven City Council
Wallis Avenue
From Augusta Street to High Street
Remove sight impediments, slow all approaches to intersection with speed cushions, install kerb blisters for pedestrians and short right turn bay $77,500 Strathfield Municipal Council
Tweed Valley Way
Between Riverside Drive north and Riverside Drive south
Install wire rope barrier on median and widen shoulder $1,167,735 Tweed Shire Council
Kyogle Road
From Braeside Drive to 700m North
Improve superelevation and skid resistance and install roadside barriers $752,772 Tweed Shire Council
Numinbah Road
Near Edwards Lane
Realign the curve and improve the superelevation to allow for wider shoulder and install 100m of guardrail and motorcycle underrun barrier $333,480 Tweed Shire Council
Kyogle Road
From 200m to 415m south of Braeside Drive
Realign the curve and improve superelevation. Install raised pavement markers and upgrade line marking $301,622 Tweed Shire Council
Taralga Road
From 2.4km north to 210m south of Chapmans Lane
Install guideposts, speed advisory signs, curve alignment markers and intersection signs and provide a 0–2m traversable clear zone $238,063 Upper Lachlan Council
Wombeyan Caves Road
From 200m east to 1.78km west of Mares Forest Road
Install guideposts, curve alignment markers and speed advisory signs $186,110 Upper Lachlan Council
Fernleigh Road
From Pinaroo Drive to Glenfield Road
Install protected right turn lane, S-lane and raised channelisation and mark road edge lines $131,195 Wagga Wagga City Council
Thunderbolts Way
From 450m south to 1.65km north of Glen Morrison Road
Install guardrail with motorcycle underrun, curve alignment markers, signage improvements at the intersection and widen shoulders $121,520 Walcha Council
Bundanoon Road
From 150m east to 250m west of Ringwood Road
Widen road, upgrade seal to high-level non skid surface and improve delineation (guideposts, curve alignment markers, raised pavement markers, edge lines and curve advisory speed signs) $486,200 Wingecarribee Shire Council
Montpelier Drive
From 200m south to 420m north of Strathmore Road (Old Oaks Road)
Improve superelevation on curve and seal shoulder to 2.5m on curve. Install curve and advisory speed signs, curve alignment markers and retro-reflective pavement markers and upgrade seal $753,125 Wollondilly Shire Council
Remembrance Driveway
From 1.5km to 3.3km north east of Governors Lane
Upgrade horizontal alignment, improve superelevation and sealed shoulder on curve, replace guardrail with wire rope barrier, install curve alignment markers and upgrade to non-skid surface $636,500 Wollondilly Shire Council
Montpelier Drive
From 200m south of Victoria Park Road to 200m north of Evelyns Range Road
Improve superelevation and horizontal alignment on curves, upgrade seal to high level non-skid surface, seal shoulder on curves and install curve and advisory speed signs and curve alignment markers $490,000 Wollondilly Shire Council
Elliotts Road
Squires Way and Carters Lane
Modify existing signals to incorporate new lanterns to provide leading right-turn phases and install signal array on mast arm $295,000 Wollongong City Council
Keira Street
Edward Street
Install a single lane mountable roundabout with painted splitter islands $235,000 Wollongong City Council
Byamee Street
Mulda Street
Install a single lane roundabout $184,000 Wollongong City Council
Gladstone Avenue
Bridge Street
Upgrade traffic signals to introduce fully controlled right turns $158,000 Wollongong City Council
Kembla Street
Gipps Street
Install a single lane mountable roundabout $151,000 Wollongong City Council
Moncur Street
Wallis Street
Install a single lane roundabout $135,000 Council of the Municipality of Woollahra