Truck Show back during a heavy vehicle boon

The Brisbane Truck Show is back in 2021 during a heavy vehicle industry renaissance, following a significant increase in freight and logistics demand during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Returning this week, the Brisbane Truck Show is Australia’s largest indoor event in 18 months and the next stage in Australians economic recovery, Budget 2021.

Assistant Minister for Road Safety and Freight Transport, Scott Buchholz walked the halls of the convention centre today at the Brisbane Truck Show.

“Here today, industry feedback was clear and it was a positive sign that the transport, freight, and heavy vehicle sectors were benefiting from the Morrison Governments investments and initiatives and driving the COVID-19 recovery.

“In the budget, our Government is supporting jobs and job creation in the transport, freight, and heavy vehicle sectors by extending temporary full expensing and the instant asset write-off.

“Our initiatives are keeping money in transport and trucking businesses, giving them the confidence to take on an extra worker, offer an extra shift or buy a new piece of equipment,” Assistant Minister Buchholz said.

These measures mean 99 per cent of businesses, employing 11.5 million Australians can deduct the full cost of eligible depreciable assets of any value in the year they are installed until 30 June 2023.

Chief Executive Officer of the Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA), Todd Hacking showed Mr Buchholz around the show and said this year’s event has brought out the real industry support for the owner driver and their workmates.

“These operators are key to the Australian Trucking Industry. We couldn’t do this without them.

“No other country is holding an event like this since COVID hit. The HVIA couldn’t be happier with the turnout of visitors from around Australia,” Mr Hacking said.

“We wouldn’t be here without the support we have received from the Morrison Government. The budget gives the many small to medium business here confidence to investment in new equipment that makes them profitable going forward.

“It is also the first chance for the Australian Trucking Industry to catch up with mates, to be here with many of their colleagues they have known for years and haven’t seen because of COVID,” Mr Hacking said.

Assistant Minister Buchholz said workers in the sector are Australia’s unsung heroes and the Truck Show not only put on display the latest and greatest in technology, it recognised the significant contribution of the workforce.

“I want to thank all the freight operators, drivers, DC workers, manufacturing and maintenance crews who have met the challenge of increased local demand, keeping our supermarkets stocked and our economy running,” Assistant Minister Buchholz said.

“To the industry and to Todd Hacking and his team, all of the sponsors and exhibitors and of course the visitors here over the course of the show, thank you for supporting this industry,

“The Morrison Government is investing in better roads to improve productivity and safety, your workplaces, with a record 10‑ year $110 billion infrastructure pipeline, which is already supporting 100,000 jobs across the country and we’ll continue to back you,” Mr Buchholz said.

Budget 2021-22 provides $15.2 billion in additional infrastructure commitments, which will support a further 30,000 jobs across the lives of those projects.

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