ROSI funding wish list - consultations for next northern corridor priorities

The next priorities along Queensland’s northern Roads of Strategic Importance (ROSI) initiative corridors are a step closer to delivery, with consultations held with industry and stakeholders in Townsville today.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Michael McCormack said it was a productive meeting and provided a great opportunity for local representatives to be involved to put their ideas forward for funding consideration. 

“These local representatives know the people and industries who regularly drive on along these corridors and feeder roads, so who better than to ask what are the next priorities for upgrades,” the Deputy Prime Minister said. 

“The Australian Government has committed $1.07 billion towards the ROSI initiative in Queensland to ensure our key freight roads efficiently connect agricultural and mining regions to ports, airports and other transport hub and communities to services.

“Today’s discussions highlighted that there was a lot of work to be done to ensure that our regional and remote communities, as well as our industries, are supported and can continue to grow.” 

Assistant Minister for Road Safety and Freight Transport Scott Buchholz said the Government wants to make sure that the next projects to be delivered will address some of the items raised at today’s meeting.

“In collaboration with the Queensland Government, we are here listening to what the next priorities for the North are so we can improve the connectivity across regional and remote communities in North Queensland to support industry and economic growth,” Assistant Minister Buchholz said. 

“While we are already getting on with the job on delivering and have approved a number of early works projects, there is still funding to be allocated.

“Earlier this year, works commenced on the Kennedy Developmental Road (The Lynd to Hughenden), with $40 million investment from the Australian Government.

“On the Townsville to Roma Corridor, works are expected to commence next month on the Carnarvon Highway and Salmon Road Intersection, with $3.85 million in funding from the Australian Government,” Mr Buchholz said.

Projects being delivered include road sealing, flood immunity, strengthening and widening, pavement rehabilitation, bridge and culvert upgrades and road realignments.

Northern ROSI Corridors in Queensland include: 

  • Townsville to Roma Corridor - $100 million Australian Government
  • Mount Isa to Rockhampton Corridor - $190 million Australian Government
  • Cairns to Northern Territory Corridor - $50 million Australian Government
  • Tennant Creek to Townsville Corridor (QLD) - $200 million Australian Government

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Media Contact:

Deputy Prime Minister – Joanne Williamson 0418 475 668 | Dean Shachar 0418 202 860 

Assistant Minister Buchholz – Scott O’Connell 0413 424 384