Funding for 30 new Black Spot projects in Western Australia

A further 30 dangerous crash sites on Western Australian roads will be upgraded thanks to a $12.91 million funding injection through the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program.

The Black Spot Program funds safety measures such as traffic signals and roundabouts at locations where a number of serious crashes are known to have occurred, or are at risk of occurring.

This funding is part of the Government’s $1.3 billion commitment to the Black Spot Program from 2013-14 to 2025-26 to improve road safety across the nation.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Barnaby Joyce said the Government’s investment would continue to make roads safer across the nation.

“The Government is committed to reducing deaths on our roads and sparing families from the immeasurable impact these tragedies have,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

“Funding under the Black Spot Program will deliver much-needed safety upgrades to some of the most dangerous sections of our roads, making them safer and keeping commuters and freight moving.

“The Government is investing more than $25 billion in road safety projects over the next four years.”

Assistant Minister for Road Safety and Freight Transport Scott Buchholz said the 30 Black Spot projects across Western Australia will make an important contribution towards reducing serious injuries and deaths on the state’s roads, and build on previous investments in the state.

“This Government is investing in road safety right across the nation to ensure Australians get home sooner and safer,” Assistant Minister Buchholz said.

“This new funding will see total investment through the Black Spot Program in Western Australia rise to $118.5 million, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to improving road safety.”

Chair of the Western Australia Black Spot Consultative Panel Rick Wilson said this investment in Black Spot projects would deliver safer roads throughout the state.

“The Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics has found that Black Spot projects reduce the number of crashes causing death and injury by 30 per cent on average,” Mr Wilson said.

“The high-priority locations we are funding have seen a total of 11 crashes causing fatalities and 111 crashes causing injuries recorded over the past five years.

“The panel that reviews priorities for the program includes representatives from the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia, Western Roads Federation, Road Safety Commission, Western Australian Local Government Association and Main Roads Western Australia”.

For more information on the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program, or to nominate a black spot, visit

A list of funded projects is available below.

Media contact:

Deputy Prime Minister – Antony Perry | 0477 971 654 |

Assistant Minister Buchholz – Scott O’Connell | 0413 424 384 | Scott.O’

Mr Wilson – Chris Thomson | 0467 710 180 |


Western Australia Black Spot Program 2022–23

Project Name

Proposed Treatment

Australian Government Contribution

Local Government Area

Cambridge Street
Station Street
WEMBLEY (6014)

Install median island on Cambridge Street to prevent through movements on Station Street. Ban right turn in and out of Station Street



Canning Highway
Saunders Street
COMO (6152)

Install median island on Canning Highway to prevent through movements on Saunders Street. Ban right turn in and out of Saunders Street


South Perth

Mundijong Road
1.7 km section west of Lightbody Road

Widen and seal shoulders, remove hazards within clear zone, install pavement markings, delineation and signage


Serpentine Jarrahdale

Kingsbury Drive
From 0.83 km west of North Road

Widen and seal shoulders, remove hazards from clear zone, install pavement markings, delineation and signage


Serpentine Jarrahdale

Trichet Road
Between Hawkins Road and Franklin Road

Widen and seal shoulders, remove hazards from clear zone and improve drainage. Upgrade street lighting and install pavement markings, delineation and signage



Welwyn Avenue
Downey Drive
MANNING (6152)

Install median island on Welwyn Avenue to prevent through movements on Downey Drive. Ban right turn in and out of Downey Drive


South Perth

Murdoch Road
Towncentre Drive and Berehaven Avenue

Upgrade street lighting



Labouchere Road
Alston Avenue
COMO (6152)

Install median island on Labouchere Road to prevent through movements on Alston Avenue. Ban right turn in and out of Alston Avenue


South Perth

Joondalup Drive
Sundew Rise and Lakeside Drive

Install mast arms on both Joondalup Drive approaches



Spring Road
Thornlie Avenue

Improve pre-deflection on Thornlie Avenue approach to roundabout and upgrade street lighting



Bagot Road
Hensman Road
SUBIACO (6008)

Install median island on both Bagot Road approaches. Modify kerbing and parking



Metricup Road
Puzey Road and Harmans Mill Road

Clear vegetation, install traffic islands and improve sight lines on approaches to Puzey Road and Harmans Mill Road



Julimar Road
1.8 km section west of Blue Gum Way
JULIMAR (6567)

Improve horizontal alignment of curves and seal shoulders. Remove vegetation, install pavement markings, delineation and signs



Sandridge Road
Hennesy Road

Install left-turn lane on Sandridge Road. Install seagull island and relocate footpath and pedestrian crossing point



Old Coast Road
190-metre section north of McLarty Road and Leeward Entrance

Upgrade street lighting



Goodwood Road
0.18 km section south of Trigwell Street

Install 1.5-metre sealed shoulders and construct batter slopes at selected locations. Install safety barriers, pavement markings, delineation, signs and improve recovery area



Nicholson Road
Rowley Road

Install roundabout



Nicholson Road
Wright Road

Install pre-deflection on both Nicholson Road approaches to a roundabout. Improve pedestrian facilities



Vahland Avenue
From Tribute Street East to 250 metres south

Install safety barrier in median for northbound vehicles. Relocate pedestrian crossing at Tribute Street



Hepburn Avenue
Amalfi Drive and Howland Road

Modify pre-deflection on east approach to a roundabout. Install skid resistant treatment, cyclist and pedestrian ramps, upgrade street lighting, and install pavement markings, delineation and signs



Marmion Street
Norma Road
MYAREE (6154)

Install right-turning lane on both Norma Road approaches. Modify traffic signal phasing and pedestrian crossing facilities



Ranford Road
Lake Road and Remisko Drive

Install pre-deflection on both Ranford Road approaches to a roundabout. Modify kerbing and  pedestrian facilities



Hepburn Avenue
Karuah Way

Extend left and right-turn lanes on Hepburn Avenue, reconstruct median island on Karuah Way, modify and upgrade pedestrian path and pedestrian crossing on Karuah Way, and install staggered school warden crossing on Hepburn Avenue



Railway Avenue
Streich Avenue and Railway Crossing

Extend median island on Railway Avenue to ban right-turn movement to and from the railway crossing. Extend left-turn pocket from the railway crossing onto Railway Avenue



Safety Bay Road
500-metre section from Julia Street to south-east of David Road
WAIKIKI (6169)

Improve drainage to avoid loss of control. Construct shared path and pedestrian refuge



North Lake Road
Winterfold Road

Install traffic signals, on-road bicycle lane, pedestrian path and crossing facilities



Aberdeen Street
Between St Emilie Way and Peels Place
ALBANY (6330)

Modify pavement markings, median islands, parking bays and kerbing at intersections between St Emilie Way and Peels Place



DeWitt Road
Coolawanyah Road

Widen intersection to accommodate RAV turning movements. Upgrade lighting and delineation



Dowerin-Meckering Road
Hindmarsh Back Road
DOWERIN (6461)

Realign and widen intersection. Improve sight distance and construct clear zone. Install delineation, signs and pavement markings



York Street
Between Stirling Terrace and Princess Royal Drive
ALBANY (6330)

Modify and install median islands between Stirling Terrace and Princes Royal Drive, modify islands on Princes Royal Drive to increase turning radius, and install cycle lane, pavement markings, delineation and signs