Federal funding to fix 67 black spots in Queensland

Funding under the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program will substantially improve 67 dangerous crash sites on Queensland roads in 2021-22.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Michael McCormack said the State would receive $20.8 million under the Black Spot Program’s 2021–22 funding round.

“This major investment is part of the Australian Government’s commitment to building safer roads right across the nation,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

“The Black Spot Program funds safety measures such as traffic signals and roundabouts at locations where a number of serious crashes are known to have occurred.

“That is why the Australian Government has committed $1.1 billion to the Black Spot Program from 2013-14 to 2023-24 to improve road safety across Australia.”

Assistant Minister for Road Safety and Freight Transport Scott Buchholz said the 67 Black Spot projects across Queensland would make an important contribution towards reducing serious injuries and deaths on Queensland roads and built on previous investments in the State.

“This Government is investing in road safety right across the nation to ensure Australians get home sooner and safer,” Assistant Minister Buchholz said.

“This new funding will see total investment through the Black Spot Program in Queensland rise to $189.2 million, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to improving road safety.”

Federal Member for Wide Bay and Chair of the Queensland Black Spot Consultative Panel Llew O’Brien said this investment in Black Spot projects would deliver safer roads in local government areas throughout the State.

“The Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics has found that Black Spot projects reduce the number of crashes causing death and injury by 30 per cent on average,” Mr O’Brien said.

“The high-priority locations we are funding have seen a total of nine fatal and 245 crashes causing injuries recorded over the past five years.

“The panel that reviews priorities for the program includes representatives from the Queensland Police Service, Royal Automobile Club of Queensland, Queensland Trucking Association, Bicycle Queensland, Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety (Queensland University of Technology), Traffic Management Association of Australia and State and Local Government.”

For more information on the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program, or to nominate a black spot, visit investment.infrastructure.gov.au/funding/blackspots.


Project Name

Proposed Treatment

Funding Sought from Black Spot


Palmerin Street
Alice Street

Reduce the speed limit to 40 km/h and install additional pedestrian crossings along the length of Palmerin Street and raised pedestrian crossings at the Percy Street roundabout


Southern Downs

Cyprus Street
Hill Street

Install new median islands, stop signage with target board, stop ahead warning sign and pavement markings, and install intersection pavement threshold markings



Brisbane Road
Esther Street

Install new signal mast arm and update phasing to remove filter function



Mandew Street
Leda Drive

Install six-aspect right-turn lanterns, amend traffic signal plans, install CCTV for traffic management and signalise left slip lane onto Mandew Street and adjust pedestrian pram ramps



Beechmont Road
East of Rhoades Road

Remove vegetation and install audio-tactile line-marking on edge and centreline, guide-posts with reflectors, curve alignment markers on outside of curve and new seal on poor surface


Scenic Rim

Moorlands Road
Hunts Crossing Road

Widen the outside of this curve to provide a one-metre shoulder, install chevron alignment markers, replace existing curve warning sign and install retroreflective pavement markers on centreline


Bundaberg Regional

Waterloo Street
Robinson Street and Stewart Street

Install low-profile, mini single-lane roundabouts for Waterloo Street/Robinson Street and Waterloo Street/Stewart Street. Painted splitter islands and asphalt surface on all approaches


Rockhampton Regional

Sandy Creek Road
East of Laurel Road

Install shoulder, widen road to provide appropriate curve widening, install curve-alignment markers on outside of curve, and install new seal on poor surface and w-beam guardrail



Blackall Range Road
West of Parsons Knob Road

Install vehicle-activated and static alignment-warning signs, chevron alignment markers, road edge guide-posts and raised reflective pavement markers



Mount Nebo Road
near Goat Track intersection

Change horizontal alignment, provide sealed shoulders and install guardrail around sharp curve


Moreton Bay

Cemetery Road
Whitehill Road

Install new signal mast arms on Cemetery Road approaches to intersection and remove filtered right-turn movements



Wust Road
east of Regency Road (Stage 1)

Install vehicle-activated warning signs and safety barrier on the outside of the curve



Guy Street
Locke Street

Reduce the speed limit along Guy Street to 40 km/h and install seven raised pedestrian crossings at two locations along Guy Street


Southern Downs

Scottsdale Drive
Stapley Drive

Extend south-bound right-turn lane in Scottsdale Drive, remove filtered right turns and U-Turn (westbound) from Bayswater Avenue and install pedestrian protection to align with current practices and bicycle facilities


Gold Coast

Chambers Flat Road
Pleasant View Road to Kenny Road

Install a new advisory 60 km/h curve-warning sign, new pavement seal, chevron alignment markers around the curve, vehicle-activated signs, new guide-posts, crash barriers at the bridge and lighting



Edmund Street
William Street

Install raised traffic islands on roundabout approaches, alter existing line and pavement markings, upgrade street lights, install delineation devices and signage



Ann Street
Adelaide Lane

Install new kerb ramps, linking footpaths, raised threshold, line marking, Give Way marking, coloured pavement marking and parking restrictions on approaches


Fraser Coast

Charles Street
South East of Sabadall Street

Resurface section of road on curve and install vehicle-activated signs and delineation on curve to warn drivers, particularly for wet or night time conditions when the road alignment is less obvious



Clarke Road
Linthenel Road

Signalise intersection to include controlled right turns (maintain slip lanes) and reduce speed limit at intersection from 70 to 60 km/h



Chambers Flat Road
School Road

Signalise intersection to exclude a filter right-turn movement from Chambers Flat Road southern approach



Albert Street
Tooley Street

New surface over intersection and install small diameter roundabout to fit in existing intersection, raised central island, approach islands, kerb ramps, linking footpaths line marking and signage and parking restrictions on approaches


Fraser Coast

Munbilla Road
Ellis Road and Jackson Road

Change horizontal alignment, install shoulder and curve alignment markers, flatten slope to 1:6 gradient, eliminate sub-optimal vertical geometry and install new signage and guardrail with rub rail


Scenic Rim

Mount Nebo Road
East of Manwaring Road

Change the horizontal alignment, widen the shoulders and install guardrail with underrun protection around the reverse curve


Moreton Bay

Elizabeth Street
Shell Street

Install single barrier lines, new concrete median island and pedestrian refuge, new Give Way signs and coloured threshold, relocate current Give Way signs and replace the existing kerb ramps


Fraser Coast

Coon Street
Off Street and Ann Street

Install two vehicle-activated Give Way signs on the minor road approaches to the Coon Street intersection


Gladstone Regional

Glendon Street
Markwell Street

Increase centre roundabout island diameter, install build-outs/kerb extensions, restrict parking bays, remove u-turn provisions, install pedestrian refuge island, remove existing non-compliant kerb ramps and update signage


South Burnett

Upward Street
Draper Street

Construct roundabout, provide Bicycle Awareness Zones, provide on-road-off-road transition and upgrade street lighting


Cairns Regional

Wust Road
east of Regency Road (Stage 2)

Realignment and superelevation correction, resurfacing to improve skid resistance and install drainage improvements



Pierces Creek Road
East of Emu Creek Road

Widen curve and seal shoulders, install edgelines, improve delineation, increase length of six per cent superelevated roadway, install new warning signage and remove roadside hazards


Toowoomba Regional

Gregory Street
Williams Street

Install a single-lane roundabout, including reducing the number of lanes to one per leg on intersection approach


Whitsunday Regional

Sydney Street
Alfred Street

Modify the geometry of the roundabout approaches, and install new pedestrian refuges with traffic island protection and new signs


Mackay Regional

Wyper Street
Elizabeth Street

Provide kerb extension, line-marking, install painted chevron medians, move hold line forward, provide concrete pathway and kerb ramps, replace old signage and install Give Way Ahead pavement marking


Bundaberg Regional

Teviot Road
Cusack Lane

Signalise intersection to include controlled right turns (maintain slip lanes), and reduce speed limit at intersection from 70 to 60 km/h



Adelaide Street
Wharf Street

Ban the right turn into Wharf Street westbound, provide mast arm on Wharf Street, provide turn arrow lanterns for partial pedestrian protection, revise traffic signs and line-marking and revise traffic signal phasing



Goodwin Drive
West of Fortune Avenue

Replace existing zebra crossing at a refuge with signalised crossing, install kerb buildouts and narrow the median. New signals include push-button activation with pedestrian count-down timers, advance warning signage and flashing lights


Moreton Bay

Old Goombungee Road
curve at Wrembeck Road

Widen curve and seal shoulders, install traversable batter to two-metre width, install guide-posts and chevron alignment markers on outside of curve, improve delineation and install edgelines and increase length of six-percent superelevated roadway


Toowoomba Regional

North Isis Road
Lynwood Road

Widen minor approach road, square up minor road approach legs, and install flag lighting and new signage


Bundaberg Regional

Boundary Road
Formation Street

Provide larger diameter island, modify splitter islands and kerb returns, regrade/resurface, revise kerb ramps, footpaths and improved pedestrian refuges, revise signs and line-marking, trim trees, and revise street lighting



Upper Dawson Road
Caroline Street

Signalise intersection with controlled right turns on the Upper Dawson Road legs including separate right-turn lanes, provide controlled pedestrian crossings and improve night-time visibility by installing and upgrading luminaires


Rockhampton Regional

Acacia Avenue
Percy Street

Remove the two car parks closest to Acacia Avenue on Percy Street to allow vehicles to turn onto Percy Street from Acacia Avenue, greater sight distance and reduce the potential for collisions


Southern Downs

Mardon Road
Inverleigh Road

Install intersection warning signage


Southern Downs

Golden Mile Road
Queen Elizabeth Drive and Dysart Bypass Road

Replace existing sign with appropriate curve/intersection signs


Isaac Regional

Longreach Muttaburra Road Chainage 50.5km to 51.5km
North east of Captain Starlight's Lookout

Install road furniture to identify the road curves and upcoming floodways and provide delineation



Wolfram Street
Granite Street

Move the limit lines forward on Granite Street and install Intersection Ahead warning signage


Southern Downs

Longreach Tocal Road
36.3 to 36.8km

Improve signage, install delineation and remove vegetation



Merivale Street
Hillside Road and Allora Clifton Road

Clearly designate Allora Clifton Road as the through road at the Merivale Street intersection


Southern Downs

Bridge Street
Day Street and Symes Stree

Install signage and line-marking to dictate right of way at the Bridge Street intersection


Southern Downs

Muttaburra Road
North of Ilfracombe Aramac Road

Install road furniture and delineation



Grasstree Road
Connection Road and Tieri Road

Install lighting at Grasstree Road intersection


Central Highlands Regional

Bisley Street
Baguley Street

Narrow the Bisley Street intersection slightly, install T-Intersection warning signage and install a designated walkway


Southern Downs

Freestone Road
Lowe Road

Seal Lowe Road accesses, install warning signs, install bi-directional hazard marker above guardrail, and remove vegetation


Southern Downs

Churchill Drive
Marshall Street

Remove the two Y-shaped intersections and replace with a single T-intersection. Install a designated pedestrian/cyclists footpath at each approach to the Churchill Drive intersection


Southern Downs

Jackie Howe Drive
Churchill Drive and Coe Street

Square up the intersection of Glengallan Road, Jackie Howe Drive and Coe Street, and the intersection of Murphy Street and Glengallan Rd/Jackie Howe Drive


Southern Downs

Bracker Road
Tooth Street and Mardon Street

Close the Mardon Road-Bracker Road leg of this intersection by scarifying the pavement and revegetating. Tooth Street, between Mardon Road and Bracker Road will be widened slightly. Upgrade line marking and signage


Southern Downs

Clermont Rubyvale Road
Peakvale Road

Install guide-posts with reflectors, centreline markings and raised reflective pavement markers


Isaac Regional

Spencer Street
East Street

Install a new pram ramp, construct new pathway supply and install precast concrete islands, concrete structure median and kerb and provide linemarking and signs


Lockyer Valley

Saraji Road
between Peak Down Mines Road and Dysart Clermont Road

Install guide-posts with reflectors, replace the existing signage with curve alignment markers and install intersection warning sign


Isaac Regional

Yankee Gully Road
between Pratten Hendon Road and Hendon Victoria Hill Road

Remove roadside vegetation and install guide-posts along the length of the road


Southern Downs

Matthew Street
100m section north of Railway Street

Remove rock from existing road batter face, remove minor vegetation and batter smoothing, place sub-base and base course material, and provide edge-line marking and raised reflective pavement markers


Southern Downs

Washpool Road
3km section from Glenvale Road

Reduce speed limit to 80 or 90 km/h, clear roadside vegetation and provide additional guide-posts, centre-line marking and reflective pavement markers


Southern Downs

Birnam Street
James Street

Install traffic-calming devices such as precast concrete island and line marking on James Street and on both approaches on Birnam Street to James Street to control the speed and manage the traffic effectively


Scenic Rim

Beechmont Road
500m section north of Farm Grove Road

Remove vegetation and install guide-posts with reflectors, curve alignment markers, new seal and w-beam guardrail


Scenic Rim

Nundubbermere Road
west of Graham Lane

Widen the existing floodway to dual lane by installing additional culverts and suitable headwalls as well as pavement sealing, line-marking, Raised Reflective Pavement Markers and guide-posts


Southern Downs

Kenlogan Road
Russell Park Road and Mount McLaren Road

Install warning and other signs, widen shoulder, install guide-posts, and provide line-marking and sight boards


Isaac Regional

North Street
East Street

Install roundabout to control all turn movements for right-of-way vehicles including semi-trailers. Install pedestrian refuges on all sides of the intersection to provide safe pedestrian pathways. Install delineation and lighting


Lockyer Valley

Gehrke Road
Lorikeet Road

Formalise the current layout of the intersection, install line-marking and signage, install new street lighting, construct concrete island, upgrade existing culvert and horizontal realignment


Lockyer Valley

Birnam Street
Alice Street

Install a single-lane roundabout to control the speed and manage the traffic effectively through the intersection at Birnam Street and Alice Street. Install compliant kerb ramp and pedestrian refuge


Scenic Rim

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Deputy Prime Minister – Jock Rice-Ward 0417 837 565 | Caitlin Donaldson 0428 389 880

Assistant Minister Buchholz – Scott O’Connell 0413 424 384

Mr O’Brien – Electorate Office (07) 4121 2936