Federal funding to fix 51 Black Spots in Victoria

Funding under the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program will substantially improve 51 dangerous crash sites on Victorian roads from 2021 to 2023.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Barnaby Joyce said the state would receive $25.8 million under the Black Spot Program’s 2021–22 funding round.

“This major investment is part of the Australian Government’s commitment to building safer roads right across the nation,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

“The Liberal and Nationals Government is committed to securing our recovery and keeping our communities safe.

“The Black Spot Program funds safety measures such as traffic signals and roundabouts at locations where a number of serious crashes are known to have occurred.

“That is why the Liberal and Nationals Government has committed a record $1.1 billion to the Black Spot Program from 2013–14 to 2023–24 to improve road safety across the nation.”

Assistant Minister for Road Safety and Freight Transport Scott Buchholz said the 51 Black Spot projects across Victoria would make an important contribution towards reducing serious injuries and deaths on Victorian roads and built on previous investments in the state.

“This Government is investing in road safety right across the nation to ensure Australians get home sooner and safer,” Mr Buchholz said.

“This new funding will see total investment through the Black Spot Program in Victoria rise to $219.5 million, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to improving road safety.”

Federal Member for Monash and Chair of the Victorian Black Spot Consultative Panel Russell Broadbent said this investment in Black Spot projects would deliver safer roads in local government areas throughout the state.

“The Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics has found that Black Spot projects reduce the number of crashes causing death and injury by 30 per cent on average,” Mr Broadbent said.

“The high-priority locations we are funding have seen a total of 17 fatal and 281 crashes causing injuries recorded over the past five years.

“The panel that reviews priorities for the program includes representatives from the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria, the Victorian Transport Association, Victoria Police, the Municipal Association of Victoria and the Victorian Department of Transport.”

For more information on the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program, or to nominate a black spot, visit investment.infrastructure.gov.au/funding/blackspots.

A list of funded projects is available below.


Media contact:

Deputy Prime Minister – (02) 6277 7520

Mr Buchholz – Scott O’Connell 0413 424 384


2021-22 Black Spot Program – Victoria

Project Title


Australian Government Contribution

Local Government Area

Kingston Road
Church Parade

Realign the Church Parade approaches, formalisation of the intersection and removal of the slip lane



Hoddle Street
Roseneath Street

Install time-based fully controlled right-turn movements on the Hoddle Street approaches, reconfigure Roseneath Street, install bicycle lanterns, upgrade street lighting


Yarra City

Princes Way
4km section west of Potter Road

Install safety barriers, roundabout at Sand Road/Princes Way and raised splitter islands on all approaches, install raised safety platforms, lighting upgrades, 60km/h speed at Sand Road/Princes Way intersection, 80km/h speed limit on Princes Way


Baw Baw

Biggs Drive
Murray Street

Install a Left In/Left Out treatment for Murray Street legs with no right turn, install pedestrian refuge for Biggs Drive, and install concrete aprons restricting car speeds, but allowing turning of design vehicles


Bass Coast

Foster Street
Dandenong Station access (east)

Upgrade existing zebra crossing to wombat crossing, reconstruct kerb ramps with Tactile Ground Surface Indicators


Greater Dandenong

Milners Road
from Parkinsons Road to Yarra Junction-Noojee Road

Install additional guardrail with motorcycle rail, replace existing legacy guardrail terminals, upgrade signage and guideposts, install Raised Reflective Pavement Markers


Yarra Ranges

Murray Road
Chifley Drive

Reprogram traffic signal to fully controlled right turns in off-peak periods, install flashing ‘Give way to pedestrians’ signs and provide a pedestrian priority phase, upgrade lanterns to LED



Dana Street
Dawson Street

Construct new larger curved splitter islands and kerb returns, Disability Discrimination Act-compliant pedestrian crossings on Dawson Street to allow for the left turn movement only from Dawson Street



Edward Road
Paynes Road

Install full-length turning lanes on Edward Road into Paynes Road and widen intersection for heavy vehicle movements, install a splitter island, relocate power poles further from traffic lanes, upgrade intersection lighting


Yarra Ranges

Police Road
Gladstone Road

Install a flat-top raised platform on Police Road


Greater Dandenong

Autumn Street
Minerva Road

Remodel roundabout, install wombat crossings, improved lighting and improved delineation


Greater Geelong

Kallista-Emerald Road
8km section west of Emerald-Monbulk Road

Install additional guardrail with motorcycle rub rail, upgrade line marking, signage, and guideposts, install Raised Reflective Pavement Markers


Yarra Ranges

McCulloch Street
Pearson Street

Install wombat crossings, new signage and refresh existing line marking to improve delineation


East Gippsland

Morell Street
Ogden Street

Install three raised safety platforms, and associated line markings and signage on the three legs of the intersection



Wellington Street
Langridge Street

Reprogram traffic signals to fully controlled right turn (FCRT) movements on Wellington Street and Langridge Street, reconfigure traffic lanes, remove splitter island on east leg, replace existing halogen traffic lanterns with LED traffic lanterns


Yarra City

Wood Street
Laurel Street

Reprogram the signalised intersection to fully controlled right turns from west to south, and refresh all line marking throughout the intersection. Replace existing street light bulbs with LED bulbs



Murray Valley Highway (Curlewis Street)
Naretha Street

Ban right turn and through traffic movements from Naretha Street, install a splitter island on the Naretha Street and larger signage. Naretha Street and the Murray Valley Highway will be widened to accommodate heavy vehicle turning paths


Swan Hill

Cape Otway Road
between Considines Road and Hendy Main Road

Install guard fence at hazardous poles and trees, widen shoulders and pavement widening, and improve delineation


Surf Coast

Victoria Street
Nicholson Street

Install flashing ‘Give Way to Pedestrians’ signs on Victoria Street approaches, reprogram the signalised intersection to provide an early start for pedestrians crossing Victoria Street


Yarra City

Lever Street
Gordon Street

Install raised safety platforms on four legs of the intersection of Gordon Street and Lever Street, associated kerb and channel re-alignment, line marking and signage



Camms Road
near Lane Way

Install two Raised Safety Platforms on Camms Road



Nepean Highway
Park Road

Ban right turn from Nepean Highway into Park Road during the morning peak and fully controlled right turn (FCRT) all other hours



Manks Road
from Tooradin Station Road to Koo Wee Rup Road

Install audio tactile centreline marking, reduce speed limit reduction to 80 km/h between Koo Wee Rup Road and approximately 200m – 250m west of Lea Road, install flexible w-beam safety barrier to shield three power poles



Princes Highway West (Murray Street)
Gellibrand Street

Install electronic speed signage for daytime 40km/h limit, fully controlled right turns on most signal approaches, pedestrian early start phases, Give Way to Pedestrian signs, improved signal sighting and a pedestrian refuge


Colac Otway

Kendall Avenue
Walker Street

Install wombat crossings on all four legs of the intersection to slow vehicles, apply sharrows within the roundabout to increase awareness of cyclists



Evans Street
Brook Street

Introduce a pedestrian only signal phase and remove pedestrian movements from the other signal phases


Hume (VIC)

Wilsons Road
Westmorland Street

Install splitter islands and new lighting scheme


Greater Geelong

Macclesfield Road
3.3km section south of Tschampions Road

Install guardrail on corners with motorcycle rub rail, upgrade signage with Chevron Alignment Markers used on corners, install line marking and raised reflective pavement markers, upgrade guideposts


Yarra Ranges

Tennyson Street
entrance to Southland Shopping Centre

Install kerb outstands, splitter island for left turn lane, further chevron linemarking on Tennyson Street and install advisory signage on Tennyson Street



Meredith-Steiglitz Road
Pioneer Ridge Road

Install safety barrier with motorcycle rub rail and approved end terminals to the reverse curves on the west approach to Coopers Bridge. Install solar-powered Vehicle Activated flashing warning signs on west approach to bridge


Golden Plains

Bloomfield Road
Kingsclere Avenue

Install raised intersections and raised platforms along Bloomfield Road


Greater Dandenong

Reynard Street
Hillview Avenue

Install a bus-friendly raised safety platform on Reynard Street, east of Hillview Avenue, install green bicycle lane treatment along Reynard Street at the intersection with Hillview Avenue, install associated signage and line marking



Hargreaves Street
Baxter Street

Construct splitter islands and raised crossings/safety platforms on minor road approaches, lighting improvements and warning signs


Greater Bendigo

Redleap Avenue
between Centenary Drive and Childs Road

Construct raised pavements midblock between Buckmaster Drive and Centenary Drive, including one wombat crossing



Seventeenth Street
100m north west of Benetook Avenue

Construct raised safety platforms, painted island squeeze points with 80 to 60km/h speed reduction, stop to give way on minor road approaches. Seal shoulders, upgrade signage, and reduce speed from 100 to 80km/h on major road approaches



Craddocks Road
between Turnbull Court and Whites Road

Install safety barriers on curves. Install barrier line along entire length of Craddocks Road with no overtaking. Install appropriate signage including Chevron Alignment Markers and reduced speed limit of 60km/hr


Golden Plains

Timms Road
3km section from Drouin-Korumburra Road

Install guideposts suited to fog conditions, painted edge lines, Douin-Korumburra Road intersection improvements, safety barrier, advanced curve warning signs, advisory speed signs, Chevron Alignment Markers and asphalt surfacing


South Gippsland

Barwarre Road
Marshalltown Road

Install wombat crossings on all approaches, appropriate signage and delineation, new line marking, Raised Reflective Pavement Markers and sharrow marking on all approaches


Greater Geelong

Ferguson Street
Melbourne Road

Install green pavement, sharrows at Douglas Parade, raised pedestrian crossings at Bath Place and near Rosny Place, electronic 40km/h signs, kerb outstands at Lyons Street, reconfigure median opening at Bath Place and reinstate faded line marking


Hobsons Bay

Macaulay Road
Barnett Street

Install electronic LED warning signs activated by eastbound cyclists, extend kerb outstands to increase sight lines, and install a raised pedestrian crossing on Barnett Street



Railway Avenue
from Aviation Road to Merton Street

Install traffic calming devices, wombat crossing with flashing lights, modify two roundabouts to decrease the circulating lane width, upgrade street lighting luminaires to LED


Hobsons Bay

Claude Street
Quinn Street

Install splitter islands on side intersections to narrow lane widths, increase lane compliance and introduce clear priority, and apply contrast threshold treatment



Rye and Tootgarook Local Area
Area Wide

Reduce speed limits on local collector roads with area-wide 40km/h speed limit. Install 40km/h signs and road markings at local street access points to the local area, threshold treatments, speed cushions, compact roundabouts and raised intersections


Mornington Peninsula

Airfield Road
Princes Highway

Install safety barriers, reduce speed limit from 80 km/h to 60 km/h (south section), install ATLM for length of Airfield Road, improve definition of Old Melbourne intersection, install Give Way linemarking and signage on minor legs.


Latrobe City

Hotham Street
Simpson Street

Install wombat crossings on all four legs of the intersection to slow vehicles, install kerb outstands on approach to the roundabout, apply sharrows on approaches and within the roundabout to increase awareness of cyclists



Merton Street
Victoria Street

Reduce speed limit to 40 km/h on Merton Street between Central Avenue and Petre Avenue and to 50 km/h elsewhere, install traffic calming devices, fully control the right turn at Merton Street/Newland Street, improve delineation


Hobsons Bay

Corio-Waurn Ponds Road (Princes Highway (through Geelong))
North Shore Road

Convert southbound service lane to a left turn slip lane, install new pedestrian outstands in the northbound service lane. Left in/left out treatment at Baldwin Avenue, right turn lane at Birdwood Avenue for redirected traffic


Greater Geelong

Punt Road
Union Street

Realign south crossing on Punt Road to make pedestrians crossing more visible, reprogram signals to pedestrian head start



Belle Vue Road
Byron Street

Modify intersection to improve line of sight for all users and to provide adequate turning facilities, improve safety at shared path crossing points, install regulatory and warning signs, improve delineation


Greater Bendigo

Craigie Road
Osborne Drive

Install compact roundabout treatment with raised pavements and splitter islands on each approach to aid in reducing traffic speeds on the approaches to the roundabout


Mornington Peninsula

Victoria Road
Mitchell Street

Install concrete kerb outstands, green surface treatment and queue detector on Mitchell Street (west approach) with additional traffic signal linked to existing pedestrian operated signals. Install outreach and luminaire on existing joint use pole