Federal funding to fix 51 Black Spots in Queensland

Fifty one dangerous crash sites in Queensland will be substantially improved under the latest round of the Federal Liberal and Nationals Government’s Black Spot Program.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Michael McCormack said the state would receive $25.3 million under the Black Spot Program’s 2020–21 funding round.

“The Federal Government’s record investment into upgrading roads is saving lives right across the nation,” Mr McCormack said.

“No matter where you live, we want to help get Australians home to their families sooner and safer – especially regional Australians who make up about a quarter of our national population but account for more than half of the roads deaths.

“The Black Spot Program funds important safety measures such as traffic signals and roundabouts at locations where a number of serious crashes have occurred.

“The 51 Black Spot projects across Queensland will therefore make an important contribution towards reducing serious injuries and deaths on our roads.”

Assistant Minister for Road Safety and Freight Transport Scott Buchholz said this investment in Black Spot projects would deliver safer roads in local government areas throughout the state.

“The Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics has found Black Spot projects reduce the number of crashes causing death and injury by an average of 30 per cent,” Mr Buchholz said.

“The high-priority locations we are funding have seen a total of 12 fatal and 233 crashes causing injuries recorded over the past five years.”

The panel which reviews priorities for the program includes representatives from the Queensland Police Service, Royal Automobile Club of Queensland, Queensland Trucking Association, Bicycle Queensland, Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety (Queensland University of Technology) and state and local government.

The Federal Liberal and Nationals Government has committed $1 billion to the Black Spot Program from 2013–14 to 2022–23 to improve road safety across the nation.

For more information on the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program, or to nominate a black spot, visit: http://investment.infrastructure.gov.au/funding/blackspots/.

A list of funded projects is available below.


Media Contact:

Mr McCormack – Hannah Maguire 0429 920 254

Mr Buchholz – Scott O’Connell 0413 424 384


Queensland Black Spot Program 2020–21


Project Name

Proposed Treatment

Australian Government Contribution


Petrie Creek Road
Plantation Retirement Resort - Paynter River

Install vehicle activated signs, alignment warning signs and additional delineation including chevron alignment markers (CAMs), guideposts and raised reflective pavement markers.


Sunshine Coast Council

Pamela Street
Trainor Street

Construction of a roundabout


Mount Isa City Council

Shea Road
50m south of Theodore Road Intersection

Reconstruct and widen Shea Road at the sharp narrow bend on the crest of the hill. Changing the horizontal and vertical alignment together with delineation enhancement


Moreton Bay Regional Council

Sheridan Street
Aplin Street

Construction of a short right-turn lane for Aplin Street, western approach, signal modification, controlled right-turn phases for each approach and mast arm installations on Sheridan Street and Aplin Street


Cairns Regional Council

Exeter Street
Tavistock Street

Installation of painted Chevron on Tavistock Street over crest, painted threshold on minor legs, centre median giveway signage on both minor road legs, advanced warning signage and linemarking and upgrading pedestrian ramps


Fraser Coast Regional Council

Paradise Parade
Falkinder Avenue

Installation of one-lane roundabout and new warning signs


City of Gold Coast

Mount Stuart Road
Length of Road

Installation of long steep winding climb and descent motorcycle warning signs with advisory speed signs, chevron alignment markers, paint edge lines, guide posts, install guard rail and rub rails


Townsville City Council

Pamela Street
Deighton Street

Installation of a dumbbell type roundabout. The new design incorporates on-road cycle lanes westbound on Pamela Street, northbound on Deighton/Isa Street and southeast bound on Isa Street due to space constraints


Mount Isa City Council

Digger Street
McKenzie Street

Construction of a roundabout and installation of BAZ (Bicycle Awareness Zones), approach speed limit signage,  on-road-off-road transition and upgrade of street lighting


Cairns Regional Council

Exeter Street
Bideford Street

Installation of a centre median island, signage, yellow no parking lines and upgrading the pedestrian ramps and street lighting


Fraser Coast Regional Council

Keong Road
Dawn Street

Install painted channelized right-turn lane, chevron linemarkings, RRPMs, new yellow line, new edge lines and continuity line. Reconstruction and widening of four driveways to allow easy access and to accommodate the right-turn lane


Moreton Bay Regional Council

Albert Street
John Street

Repaint red stencil threshold treatment and install centre median island and giveway signs, yellow no parking lines on approaches and main road, upgrade pedestrian ramps and install pedestrian refuge on minor legs


Fraser Coast Regional Council

Glenview Road
Nina Drive - Leeding Road

Installation of vehicle-activated signs, chevron alignment markers, guide posts, chevron marker signs and safety barriers. Replace splayed terminal ends with compliant terminals and removal of trees on the inside of the curve. Replace fencing with weld mesh fence panels


Sunshine Coast Council

Lindsay Road
Tulip Lane - Jones Road

Widening, removal of roadside hazards, upgrading alignment and installation of warning signs and chevron alignment markers


Sunshine Coast Council

Cedar Pocket Road
Gap Road

Clearing roadside vegetation, installation of chevron alignment markers, guardrails, linemarking, end treatments and warning signs. Reduce speed limit from existing 80 km/h to 60 km/h and realign and widen sealed pavement at two locations


Gympie Regional Council

Kingsthorpe - Haden Road
1.5km section

Improvements to clear zones, curve widening, new formed sealed shoulders, installation of line markings, guideposts, and CAMs


Toowoomba Regional Council

Spiegelhauer Road
In Paluma Range National Park

Correcting the road alignments, sealing, installation of warning signs and modification of the one-lane floodway


Townsville City Council

Raceview Street
Robertson Road

Installation of new traffic signals. A single mast arm is to be installed however directing both directions on the single post due to obstructions through the intersection


Ipswich City Council

Batchlers Road
Between Moore Park Road and Loeskow Street

Realignment of the curve and vertical alignment on approach. Widen sealed road section and seal unsealed section. Clear vegetation and install guideposts with reflectors, curve alignment markers with advisory speed signage


Bundaberg Regional Council

Exeter Street
Honiton Street

Install centre median island and give way signs, pedestrian refuges on minor legs, yellow lines and upgrade pedestrian ramps and street lighting


Fraser Coast Regional Council

Round Hill Road - Section Two
3.2kms from intersection with Captain Cook Drive

Installation of street name signs with larger size sign faces, advance road name signs, additional warning signs and upgrade the road edge sign posts


Gladstone Regional Council

Round Hill Road - Section One
9kms from intersection with Fingerboard road to the North

Installation of street name signs with larger size sign faces, advance road name signs, additional warning signs and upgrade the road-edge sign posts


Gladstone Regional Council

Fort Street
Albert Street

Repainting red stencil threshold treatment to improve contrast. Installing centre median island and give way signage, no parking lines on approaches and upgrading pedestrian ramps


Fraser Coast Regional Council

London Road
Stanbrough Road

Installation of splitter islands, kerb and channel and re-grading and re-surfacing of the intersection. Upgrade traffic signs and linemarking and installation of pedestrian refuges


Brisbane City Council

Campbell Avenue
Industrial Avenue

Installation of a roundabout, splitter islands and medians, shared paths, re-surfacing of the intersection and revised traffic signs. Linemarking and transition ramps for cyclists will be provided as part of detail design


Brisbane City Council

Tunnel Ridge Road
Between Kowald Road and Rose Road

Remove, redesign and shield roadside hazards, minor shoulder widening and embankment works and installation of  barriers along sections with high embankment slopes


Sunshine Coast Council

Beechmond Road
south of Farm Grove Road

Increase the existing horizontal radius of the curve from 85m to 150m on the south west section and from 55m to 130m on the northern section. Superelevate the curve and apply curve widening. Install one-metre sealed shoulder on both sides of the roadway


Scenic Rim Regional Council

Greenlake Road
near Evergreen Road

Change horizontal alignment - realign the road corridor to increase the horizontal curve radius and provide curve widening between approximately Ch2400 - Ch2700. Installation of w-beam guardrail on road side from no existing barrier


Livingstone Shire Council

Hunchy Road
Between Hardings Road and Blackbutt Road

Widen and seal overlay through the two curves, remove roadside hazards on both sides of the curves, reshape table drains with traversable slopes, reinstate property cross-overs and upgrade alignment warning signs


Sunshine Coast Council

Sir Fred Schonell Drive
Coldridge Street

Installation of right and left-turn lanes, medians, signalling, signage, linemarking and medians. Upgrade the intersection alignment and regrade and re-surface


Brisbane City Council

Mount Nebo Road
330m section near Jolly’s Lookout

Widen the road to provide wider lanes and sealed shoulders, install guardrail with underrun bars, curve alignment markers and edge lines to improve delineation around the curve


Moreton Bay Regional Council

Thrower Drive
Discrete site - Zebra crossing

Upgrading the current zebra crossing to a signalised arrangement to address site constraints and reinforce crossing compliance


City of Gold Coast

Old Logan Road
Addison Road

Upgrading signals at the right turns on Old Logan Road, removing left-turn slip lane from Addison Road and installation of fully controlled left turn. Relocating the primary lantern on the south bound approach


Ipswich City Council

Yalangur-Lilyvale Road
3km section near Gowrie Little Plain Road

Curve widening, new formed sealed shoulders, installation of line markings, road edge guideposts, Chevron Alignment Markers and removal of roadside hazards


Toowoomba Regional Council

Angus Avenue
Dalrymple Service Road

Install a single-lane roundabout


Townsville City Council

Ipswich Road
Ponsonby Street

Re-alignment of centre median, installation of signalisation, relocate bus stop, installation of signage and linemarkings, amending the kerb side south bound lane, re-grading and resurfacing


Brisbane City Council

Moranbah Access Road
Moranbah Airport section

Installation of full-width traversable clearzone, pavement markings, removal of roadside hazard and road widening


Isaac Regional Council

Burrum Street
Boreham Street

Upgrading signage, intersection delineation and line markings. Replace existing culvert railings, construct new off-road shared pathway, drain and road crossing facilities


Bundaberg Regional Council

Bower Street
Drysdale Street

Realignment of eastern approach from Drysdale Street to reduce intersection angle. Provision of painted median and installation of stop sign. Redirect pedestrian traffic away from intersection to eliminate need to cross four traffic lanes


Burdekin Shire Council

Freestone Road
Charleys Gully Road

Sealing of the Peters Road access and installation of linemarking and signage on Charleys Gully Road


Southern Downs Regional Council

Amiens Road
Bapaume Road

Installation of intersection linemarking and identification systems, painted chevrons, Raised Reflective Pavement Markers, linemarking and warning signage


Southern Downs Regional Council

Amiens Road
Minuti Lane

Installation of a standard T Intersection, identification systems, linemarking and signage. The width of the existing intersection will be reduced with the horizontal alignment of Minuti Lane required to be realigned slightly


Southern Downs Regional Council

Schoch Road
Mardon Road

Installation of medians, Raised Reflective Pavement Markers, linemarking on Schoch Road, and linemarking on Mardon Road


Southern Downs Regional Council

Pratten Street
William Street

Upgrade of delineation of intersection and installation of warning signs. This will include raised median islands on Pratten Street with replaced 'Give Way' signage and linemarking


Southern Downs Regional Council

Freestone Creek Road
between Freestone Road and Coopers Gully Road

Installation of warning signs, advisory speed signs additional guideposts on sections with restricted distance on crests and tight curves and batter slope flattening


Southern Downs Regional Council

Churchill Drive
Park Road

Installation of a three- leg roundabout to remove a number of conflict points


Southern Downs Regional Council

Garnant Road
Curve at chainage 2.6km

Install chevron alignment markers, curve warning signs, advisory speed signs, road edge guide post, road dividing line and Raised Reflective Pavement Markers


Rockhampton Regional Council

Spa Water Road
350 metre section north of Gierkes Road

Superelevation improvements, pavement and bitumen sealing, linemarkings, installation of signs and devices and a new box culvert to improve drainage system


Lockyer Valley Regional Council

Woodlands Road
Rangeview Drive

Offsetting the centreline, installing linemarking and signage, flag lighting to existing pole, kerb and channel associated drainage and painted median Island with pavement bars


Lockyer Valley Regional Council

South Yaamba Road
Colliver Road

Reshaping of existing intersection, installation of curve warning signs, speed advisory signs, road edge guide posts and give way sign


Rockhampton Regional Council

Local Roads of Regional Significance (LRRS) - Rural Roadside Hazard and Curve Delineation Program
Various sections of roads

Removal of trees and roadside hazards within the clear zone and disposal of vegetation to reduce the severity of outcome if a driver should lose control of their vehicle.  This will improve stopping sight distance around curves


Maranoa Regional Council

Edited 14/07/2020 to reflect an updated scope for the Petrie Creek Road, Plantation Retirement Resort - Paynter River project