Buchholz applauds Woolworths' COVIDSafe culture

Assistant Minister for Freight Transport, Scott Buchholz has congratulated Woolworths Group on ‘a job well done’ after recently visiting the Brisbane Regional Distribution Centre at Larapinta.

Visiting the site to discuss supply chain support and care packages for heavy vehicle and truck drivers, Mr Buchholz was subject to Woolworths’ strict coronavirus measures.

“I was visiting for a short meeting with the site Supply Chain Manager and a small group of team members, including a truckie and the regional transport manager. 

“It is important that we, as Government, have a clear understanding of the supply chains we’re relying on to get goods from one place to another. During the coronavirus pandemic, I’ve been working closely with industry representatives, owner-drivers and businesses to ensure there was limited disruption to our supply chains.

“One of the issues that has been raised is the importance of protecting staff and particularly truck drivers.

“The Woolworths team, to their absolute credit, have implemented strict coronavirus protection measures – including temperature checks, isolation stations, social distancing and sign-in requirements,” Minister Buchholz said.

Woolworths Chief Supply Chain Officer Paul Graham said approximately 4,000 care packages were being distributed to drivers across the country, put together by Woolworths team members.

“The last couple of months have been extremely busy across our entire supply chain network.

“The additional volume of stock flowing through our distribution centres and into stores has only been made possible with the support of our valued transport partners and their teams.

“Many drivers will have made sacrifices at work or at home to keep the food and essentials flowing into stores for Australian communities.

“We appreciate everything they do for Woolworths, and the care packs are just a small way of giving something extra back and saying thank you for all their efforts.

“Truck drivers are essential to our business and we want to do what we can to support their safety and wellbeing as well, just like we do for our own team members.”

Mr Buchholz said the Woolworths care packages were an additional measure to assist truck drivers and freight operators and demonstrated a commitment to ensuring supply and safety.

“These packs are a great idea to support our busy drivers to get on with their job safely and keep freight moving.

“Small measures such as this send a strong signal to our transport industry: thank you, we appreciate you and let’s work together,” Mr Buchholz said.

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