22 Dec 2023
‘Tis the season to drive so others survive This holiday season it is up to all Australians to take responsibility for their actions and stay safe on our road. Put simply, don’t be an idiot behind the wheel.
30 Sep 2023
Rural Road Safety Month 2023 September is Rural Road Safety Month, and as it draws to a close, I want to reflect on what has been a tragic year on Queensland roads, specifically regional and rural roads.
17 May 2023
Road safety is everyone's responsibility Each and every death on our roads is one too many. National Road Safety Week is an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the far-reaching impact of road trauma, and, importantly, encourage all drivers to get home safely.
25 Jan 2023
Voice to Parliament a step towards closing the gap Self-determination is the concept that we participate in decisions that affect our lives, something simple yet so powerful. A noble concept for any liberal democracy, such as ourselves, to champion.
11 Nov 2022
Delivering $140 million for heavy vehicle rest areas For the first time in ten years, a Labor Budget was presented to the people of this country last month. A budget which is responsible, right for the times and ready for the future.
08 Nov 2022
First Albanese Budget delivers for Hobart The Budget delivered in October was delivered in time of great global uncertainty, with floods raging at home and an immoral invasion of Ukraine which just won’t end; a global energy crisis that is escalating, inflationary pressures persisting, st
06 Sep 2022
September is Rural Road Safety Month, a time for reflection and change There is no denying that it has been a horrific year on our roads. We are four months from the end of the year and yet the road toll has already exceeded that of last year – in fact we had exceeded last years toll by July this year.
04 Jul 2022
One death on Tasmanian roads is too many One death on our Tasmanian roads is too many. That fatal accidents in Tasmania have increased nearly 70 per cent in the last year should be of concern to us all.