Reducing Australia's road toll with Fatality Free Friday

The Australian Road Safety Foundation will launch Fatality Free Friday today, a National Day of Action to reduce the road toll. 

The public awareness campaign will remind drivers to be careful on our roads, as Australia’s road toll climbed to 1,310 deaths in the year to April. 

When you get behind the wheel of a car today, the ARSF is urging drivers to ensure they are fit to drive, stay focused on the road, drive to suit the conditions, be visible, avoid distractions and stay alert.

The ARSF is also calling on people to be a part of the bigger picture for a Fatality Free Future by making a pledge to choose road safety, take responsibility for themselves and others, obey the road rules and be a safe road user.

This year, the ARSF has run a month-long campaign to share this road safety message and encourage Australians to get involved to help reduce road trauma.

Since its inception in 2007, Fatality Free Friday has grown to become Australia’s largest national community-based road safety program. 

For more information on Fatality Free Friday and to get involved, head to

Quotes attributable to Federal Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Carol Brown: 

“Fatality Free Friday is a timely reminder that far too many Australians are being killed or seriously injured on our roads, which has a devastating effect on family, friends, and the community.

“It is more than just a target of no fatalities for a single day, it is a demonstration that if we can be safe on our roads for one day, we can do it every day. 

“The Albanese Government will continue to play its part by investing in road upgrades and community education, improving crash data collection and reporting, and more, as we work to achieve zero deaths on our roads by 2050.

“I encourage all road users to take the pledge, and together we can keep our roads safe for everyone.”