Kununurra hosts second Beef Roads roundtable

Media Release


16 November 2015

Kununurra will be the focus of northern Australia's beef industry this week with Acting Prime Minister Warren Truss in town to take part in the second of three beef roads roundtables today.

Mr Truss said following the success of the first roundtable in Rockhampton last month, discussions with industry representatives were key to determining the highest investment priorities for consideration under the Northern Australia Beef Roads Programme.

“This roundtable will again bring together representatives from the transport and cattle industries, peak bodies and all levels of government to discuss road infrastructure constraints in the northern cattle supply chains, as well as potential solutions,” Mr Truss said.

“The Australian Government is investing $100 million through the Northern Australia Beef Roads Programme to improve cattle supply chain efficiency.

“Today's roundtable will help ensure the Australian Government maximises benefits to the beef industry from this Programme.”

Mr Truss said Northern Australia's beef industry was an important driver for northern Australia's economy, with improvements to the industry set to benefit the nation.

“In 2010–11 the gross value of agricultural production in the north reached $5.2 billion, around $3 billion of which was from cattle. These figures speak for themselves,” he said.

“The Australian Government is committed to developing the north by taking advantage of the north's natural advantages, and the beef industry is a core component of that commitment.”

Representatives from the CSIRO will present their computer-based logistics modelling tool, TRAnsport Network Strategic Investment Tool (TRANSIT) at the roundtable.

TRANSIT will be used to evaluate prospective investment in the northern cattle supply chain in order to identify opportunities to improve productivity.

A third and final roundtable will be held in Darwin in early 2016 to discuss the outcomes of the TRANSIT analysis.