Australia moves to strengthen cockpit security

Media Release


30 March 2015

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss today announced that Australia's domestic and international airlines will strengthen their cockpit safety and security requirements, effective immediately.

“The Australian Government and the aviation industry are taking a precautionary approach to ensure the ongoing safety and security of the travelling public,” Mr Truss said.

“Australian airlines will immediately update their Standard Operating Procedures to require two members of the operating crew or authorised persons on the flight deck at all times.

“These arrangements will apply at all times, to all regular passenger transport services where the aircraft has seating capacity for 50 passengers and above.

“The pilot in command of the aircraft will retain operational discretion on the application of the two flight crew cockpit requirements, to ensure safe operations, depending on flight crew circumstances.

“This is to ensure that existing safety and security standards in the passenger cabin continue to be maintained. These arrangements will take effect immediately and will be formally reviewed after 12 months to determine their effectiveness.

“As the investigation into the tragic loss of Germanwings flight 4U9525 proceeds, Australian Government aviation agencies will continue to work with the Australian aviation industry and airline staff to identify further improvements to the safety and security of aircraft cockpits as appropriate.

“This will include Australian airlines, flight crew associations and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority working together to review the requirements for medical testing, including mental health, of flight crew members.

“Today's decision is a sensible, measured response that combines safeguarding the travelling public with the practical capabilities of the aviation sector.”