$9.56 million to fix WA bridges

Media Release


27 March 2015

Twenty-five bridges on roads in Western Australia will soon be on the road to recovery with the Australian Government today approving $9.56 million for major upgrades.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss said part of Western Australia's Roads to Recovery funding was reserved specifically for local government bridges.

“Local governments in Western Australia are responsible for large areas and keeping bridges open is often a difficult task,” Mr Truss said.

“Whether you live in downtown Perth or the remote Kimberley region, the Australian Government is serious about delivering the infrastructure you need to build your future.

“Our funding helps to upgrade, repair or replace local bridges that are in poor condition and that have been identified as a high priority.

“Work will start this year on the programme, with $9.56 million to be provided to 25 bridges over three years.”

A full list of projects is contained in ‘Attachment A’ below.

Attachment A

Roads to Recovery Bridge Programme 2014–15 to 2016–17
Project Location—road name, bridge number, crossing name Project
Maximum Funding Amount that the Commonwealth may Contribute Local Government Area Year
Blue Gum Road
Bridge No 5248
Hay River
Replace With Culvert 450,000 Albany (C) 2015–16
Hunton Road
Bridge No 4917
Chegiup Creek
Replace With Culvert 690,000 Albany (C) 2015–16
Boyup Brook—Cranbrook Road
Bridge No 0270
Tone River
Design and preconstruction activities 309,000 Boyup Brook 2015–16
Winnejup Road
Bridge No 3316
Blackwood River
Guardrail Upgrade 246,000 Bridgetown—Greenbushes 2016–17
Tuart DrIve Bridge No 0239A Sabina River Substructure repairs, reinforced concrete overlay and guard
rail upgrade
645,000 Busselton (C) 2014–15
Queen Street Bridge No 0240A Vasse River Design and preconstruction activities 288,000 Busselton (C) 2015–16
Bradbury Street
Bridge No 3525A
Collie River South Branch
Substructure repairs, reinforced concrete overlay and guard
rail upgrade
510,000 Collie 2014–15
Nunn Road
Bridge No 4973
Replace With Culvert 60,000 Denmark 2016–17
Freds Road
Bridge No 5347
Scotsdale Brook
Replace With Culvert 60,000 Denmark 2016–17
Brookhampton Road
Bridge No 3632
Thomson Brook South
Replace With Culvert 955,000 Donnybrook—Balingup 2015–16
Brookhampton Road
Bridge No 3633
Thomson Brook South
Replace With Culvert 955,000 Donnybrook—Balingup 2015–16
Station Street
Bridge No 0928
Canning River
Preconstruction activities 400,000 Gosnells (C) 2014–15
Boilup Road Bridge No 4926A Tarup Brook Reinforced Concrete
450,000 Kojonup 2015–16
Old Broomehill—Kojonup Road
Bridge No 4310
Jackaneedup Creek
Replace With Culvert 450,000 Kojonup 2016–17
Old Broomehill—Kojonup Rd
Bridge No 4311
Replace With Culvert 290,000 Kojonup 2016–17
Carnarvon—Mullewa Road
Bridge No 0837
Murchison River
Replace bridge. Contribution to $5 million project funded from other sources 500,000 Murchison 2014–15
McMahon Road Bridge No 3576A North Dandalup River Substructure repairs, reinforced concrete overlay and guard rail upgrade 1,092,000 Murray 2016–17
Clydesdale Road
Bridge No 0614
Morrell Bridge
Replace With Culvert 108,000 Northam 2014–15
De Grey Street
Bridge No 4753
Harding River
Level 3 investigation 60,000 City of Karratha 2015–16
Balmoral Road Bridge No 5131A Pegs Creek Substructure Repairs 10,000 City of Karratha 2016–17
Pringle Way
Bridge No 5297
Substructure Repairs 6,000 City of Karratha 2016–17
Tilden Drive
Bridge No 4908
Wooroloo Brook
Reinforced Concrete
330,333 Swan 2014–15
Weaber Plain Road
Bridge No 5116
Near Watermans Hill
Preconstruction activities 300,000 Wyndham East
Oconnor Road
Bridge No 5373
Tarwonga Brook
Replace With Culvert 93,000 West Arthur 2014–15
Glenorchy South Road
Bridge No 4020
Arthur River
Substructure Repairs 300,000 West Arthur 2015–16