Pacific Highway duplicated before end of the decade

Media Release


10 March 2015

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss has confirmed the Australian and NSW Governments' duplication of the Pacific Highway from Hexham to the Queensland border is on track to be completed by the end of this decade.

“The Australian Government has made good on our commitment to invest $5.64 billion to finally get the job done on the Pacific Highway,” Mr Truss said.

“Labor short-changed communities along the Pacific Highway by putting off what scant funding they said they would offer until after 2019–20. It was never a serious commitment to finish the job, let alone quickly.

“Labor demanded that the NSW Government match its contribution 50:50—even though they had never required matching contributions when Labor was in power in the state.

“Since coming to government, the Coalition has pumped $2 billion from the defunct Epping-Parramatta rail line into the Pacific Highway and restored the traditional 80:20 funding for new construction with the NSW Government. Labor has reneged on this formula, leaving Pacific highway projects effectively shelved and communities along the mid and north coast in perpetual limbo.

“As a vital partnership, the federal and NSW Coalition Government's know the Pacific Highway is an important artery in keeping our nation's economic pulse beating. We are committed to getting the duplication completed by the end of this decade and I can report we are on schedule to achieve that timetable.

“The route carries more than three-quarters of all freight traffic between Brisbane and Sydney. More than 1,000 long-distance vehicles use the highway every day.

“Freight volumes are projected to triple between Sydney and Brisbane by 2030 and much of the Sydney-Brisbane growth will be carried along the Pacific Highway.

“Improving the Pacific Highway's efficiency is vital to improving the performance of our nation and, in doing so, we will give communities of the mid and north coast the safer, more reliable road they desperately need.

“The Coalition Government's commitment to the Pacific Highway is rock solid.”