$6 million for five new heavy vehicle projects across Western Australia

Media Release


03 March 2015

Joint release with:

Dean Nalder

WA Minister for Transport

Truck drivers and other heavy vehicle operators in Western Australia will benefit from $6 million in new road upgrades as part of the Australian Government's Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Programme.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss announced that the Australian Government would contribute up to 50 percent of the total project costs for five projects across the state. Four projects are on state roads and one is council controlled.

“Our competitive merit-based selection process has identified projects on the Goldfields and near Port Hedland to make heavy vehicle use on Western Australian roads safer and more efficient,” Mr Truss said.

“Nationally, the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Programme will provide $200 million for projects through to 2019, as yet another example of the Australian Government's commitment to building safe, productive infrastructure to meet the needs of today and well into the future.”

Western Australian Minister for Transport Dean Nalder said the Western Australian Government was pleased to partner with the Australian Government to build better roads for a stronger State economy.

“These projects will improve the safety environment for heavy vehicle drivers and increase road transport productivity,” Mr Nalder said.

“Projects to receive funding include rest area upgrades on the Goldfields Highway to reduce fatigue related road crashes involving heavy vehicles.

“The Shire of Coolgardie will oversee the Carins Road and Coolgardie North Road intersection upgrade, to allow safe access for larger trucks to the Great Eastern Highway.”

A full list of Western Australian projects receiving funding under the programme is at ‘Attachment A’.

Attachment A

Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Programme projects—Western Australia

Proponent Project name and location Project description Australian Government funds ($000s) Total project cost ($000s)
Main Roads
Road & Intersection Upgrades
—Great Northern Hwy/North
West Coastal Hwy and GNH/Marble Bar Rd near Port Hedland—Pilbara, 50km East of Port Hedland
The modification of the geometry of two T- intersections to include acceleration lanes and long radius turning curves to increase productivity for quad road trains. 4,300 8,600
Main Roads
Road Upgrade—Intersection modifications—Great Eastern Hwy & Carins Rd, Coolgardie
—Goldfields Esperance
The modifications of the geometry of the Great Eastern Hwy / Carins Rd intersection to include turn pockets, long radius turning curves and widened/realigned traffic lanes to increase productivity and safety for quad road trains. 515 1,050
Main Roads
Rest Area—Upgrade 1 heavy vehicle parking bay to a Rest Area—Goldfields Highway—between Kalgoorlie to Coolgardie—Goldfields Esperance Upgrade one existing roadside parking bay to improve safety, functionality and to reduce the fatigue related road crashes involving heavy vehicles. 265 530
Main Roads
Rest Area—Upgrade to 3 heavy vehicle rest areas—Goldfields Hwy—Kalgoorlie to Menzies—Goldfields Esperance Upgrade 3 existing roadside parking bays into Rest Areas to reduce the fatigue related road crashes involving heavy vehicles. 671 1,342
Shire Of
Intersection Upgrade—Carins
Rd & Coolgardie North Rd
Upgrade intersection for access to Great Eastern Highway (GEH) to allow access for category 10
HPVs (53.5 metre with four trailers) to safely enter the GEH
300 600