Improving public transport access for people with disability

Media Release


10 July 2015

The Australian Government has responded to the findings and recommendations of the second review of the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002, and is committed to ensuring tangible improvements are made.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss said the Transport Standards are in place to ensure people with disability have the opportunity to engage and participate in the community.

“The recommendations of the second review supersede those of the 2007 Review as they reflect the latest findings and issues relating to the Transport Standards,” Mr Truss said.

“Although progress has been slower than some would like, we are keen to see positive action emerge from these recommendations.

“The second review identifies a number of key recommendations which would create significant improvements in the accessibility of public transport systems if fully implemented.

“Although there are some challenges in fully implementing the recommendations, the Australian Government is committed to overcoming these obstacles to achieve positive outcomes for people with disability.”

Mr Truss said many of our major train stations are legacy assets, built over 100 years ago, and these require significant and costly modifications to make them fully accessible to not only people with disability but also the elderly.

“A crucial issue identified in the second review was the need to modernise the Transport Standards to be able to respond to rapidly changing technology. This may provide more flexibility for transport operators and improved provision of information,” Mr Truss said.

“Operators and providers of public transport face a difficult and costly job to make our public transport systems more accessible, but progress is needed sooner not later.

“I look forward to seeing future improvement in public transport accessibility which will significantly improve the quality of life for those living with disability.”

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