Andrew Stoner leaving politics

Media Release


15 October 2014

I am sorry to learn my friend and colleague NSW Deputy Premier and NSW Nationals leader Andrew Stoner is leaving politics at next year's state election.

Andrew Stoner has been an outstanding local representative and Deputy Premier of NSW.

He has played a central role with two Premiers in transforming NSW from a state where nothing was happening and to a can-do place where ambitious projects can be undertaken and delivered on time.

Andrew has been an exemplary leader of the NSW Nationals. The Party has almost doubled its numbers in the state parliament under his leadership.

His personal contribution to the NSW Government has helped to make a real difference for the betterment of NSW—its people, its regions and the entire state.

He will be sadly missed by the Party.

On behalf of the Federal Nationals, I wish Andrew, Cathy and the family well, good health and every happiness for the future.