Power, Irrigation Studies Point to New Growth in Northern Queensland

Media Release


10 June 2014

Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss today welcomed the release of two studies which outline potential new irrigation and power generation opportunities in north and northwest Queensland.

The North and Northwest Queensland Sustainable Resources Feasibility Studies: The Dalrymple Scheme report was prepared by GHD for Townsville Enterprise Limited (TEL) with funding from the Australian Government.

Mr Truss said the studies investigated the feasibility of electricity generation and transmission in northern Queensland, and establishing an irrigated agriculture precinct in the Pentland/Hughenden region to support new primary industry ventures as well as processing facilities.

“These studies are a solid foundation upon which we can build on when it comes to creating new opportunities for north and northwest Queensland,” Mr Truss said.

“The report reflects the Government's focus and commitment to Northern Australia, and the economic benefits that can flow from new irrigation and power generation operations.

“It also highlights the need for ongoing discussions about how we can bring this vision to reality.

“The Report also provides valuable information about north Queensland and northern Australia more broadly.

“The report's structure will help potential investors by identifying the next steps in developing these opportunities, and I commend this report to anyone interested in the opportunities and challenges of investing in the region.”

Mr Truss said the Australian Government is compiling a White Paper on the development of Northern Australia.

“The report will be made available to the Northern Australia Task Force to help members develop their White Paper, and I look forward to continuing our close work with interest groups across the region,” he said.

Copies of the North and Northwest Queensland Sustainable Resources Feasibility Studies: The Dalrymple scheme report are available at www.townsvilleenterprise.com.au/economic-development/economic-development-projects/north-and-northwest-queensland/north-and-northwest-queensland.php