Doomadgee Veterinary Clinic Opens

Media Release


28 November 2013

Joint release with:

David Crisafulli

Queensland Minister for Local Government,
Community Recovery and Resilience

Doomadgee community members will enjoy far better care of their animals with today's opening of a veterinary clinic in the community.

The clinic will not only be used by a visiting veterinary surgeon, but will also be used as an educational centre providing training in the care of animals.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss said the clinic would be open to all members of the Doomadgee community and will be well used by them.

“The community's animal management team will use the clinic for treating small injuries and for animal care like dog washing and supplying animal care needs such as flea collars,” Mr Truss said.

“The clinic has a waiting room, consultation and operating area, an area for animals to recover after an operation, and a hydro bath.

“This project has been an excellent example of a community joining with the three levels of government to provide a much-needed local facility.”

The Minister for Local Government, Community Recovery and Resilience, David Crisafulli, said the community had been involved in renovation of an existing building to create the clinic.

“Children attending the Police and Citizens Youth Club holiday program helped paint the outside of the building, with the assistance of local artist Rowan Gerry,” Mr Crisafulli said.

“They didn't want the building demolished, so worked with the Shire to renovate it.

“It created three full time jobs during the renovation project and now the clinic will employ two people, an animal management worker and an environmental health officer.”

The Australian Government contributed $35,000 to the clinic, the Queensland Government $25,000 and the Doomadgee Aboriginal shire Council contributed $24,000.