Western Sydney Airport Lease Granted to WSA Co

Media Release


17 May 2018

Joint release with:

David Coleman

Assistant Minister for Finance

The Australian Government has today officially signed over the Western Sydney Airport site to WSA Co Limited (WSA Co), the company established to build the airport.

Today’s announcement marks significant progress towards the Government’s commitment of delivering Western Sydney Airport by 2026 and paves the way for earthworks to begin transforming the site later this year.

The granting of the Airport Lease formally provides WSA Co with the right to build and operate Western Sydney Airport, allowing WSA Co to begin construction and get on with the job of delivering a world-class airport for Western Sydney.

The Australian Government will work closely with WSA Co to ensure the development of the airport stays on schedule and that WSA Co continues to meet its regulatory obligations. The Government will maintain responsibility for airspace and flight path design, and biodiversity conservation.

WSA Co was incorporated on 7 August 2017 as a wholly Commonwealth owned company. The Australian Government has committed to investing up to $5.3 billion in equity in WSA Co to build Western Sydney Airport, a full-service international, domestic and freight airport.