Improved data transparency to progress heavy vehicle road reform

Media Release


27 February 2017

Updates to the Heavy Vehicle Expenditure Plans and Infrastructure Ratings, published today on the COAG Transport and Infrastructure Council's website, represent another step in progressing national heavy vehicle road reform.

Minister for Urban Infrastructure, Paul Fletcher said the updates provide the heavy vehicle industry with transparency about the quality of services and planned investments on Australia's Key Freight Routes.

“Fundamentally, a more market oriented system for the provision and use of heavy vehicle infrastructure requires governments and road managers to focus on meeting the needs of heavy vehicle users,” Mr Fletcher said.

“The Heavy Vehicle Expenditure Plans and Infrastructure Ratings are important in sharpening that focus.”

The second edition of the Heavy Vehicle Infrastructure Ratings extends beyond the Key Freight Routes, with some states and territories providing rest-stop location data following feedback from the heavy vehicle industry in early 2016.

The Heavy Vehicle Infrastructure Maps can be viewed in mapping platforms such as Google Earth. The data products will be updated on an annual basis, continually refined and made more accessible for users.

“The next step in the reform process is to improve how charges and service standards are regulated, to bring roads into line with other infrastructure networks such as rail, electricity and water,” Mr Fletcher said.

“The Government will lead work with the states and territories on this key initiative, as announced in response to the Infrastructure Australia Plan.

“The Australian Government will release a discussion paper on options for independent price regulation for heavy vehicle charges in the first half of 2017.

“The government will also work with the states and territories and the National Transport Commission to develop a working model for a forward looking cost-base for transport ministers to consider in November 2017.”

The updated Heavy Vehicle Expenditure Plans and Infrastructure Ratings are available for download from the Council's website at