Western Sydney Airport headquarters to be based in Liverpool

Media Release


24 August 2017

Minister for Urban Infrastructure, Paul Fletcher, today announced that WSA Co will be headquartered in Liverpool.

WSA Co was recently established by the Commonwealth and is responsible for constructing the $5.3 billion Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek.

Newly appointed Chair of WSA Co, Mr Paul O'Sullivan, explained that WSA Co's offices will be located on Scott Street and will be open by the end of the year.

“An early priority for the company is establishing permanent offices and there has been a conscious decision for those offices to be located Western Sydney,” Mr O'Sullivan said.

“Not only is Liverpool close to the airport site at Badgerys Creek, but it is also one of the fastest growing areas in Sydney, so this is a great opportunity for WSA Co to be part of Liverpool's urban transformation.”

WSA Co's central Liverpool location will help the company work closely with key stakeholders such as local Councils and community groups as well as important NSW Government agencies.

WSA Co's initial priorities include recruiting WSA Co senior management, and commencing procurement of an early works package of construction activities.

Construction activities will start next year and the airport will be operational by 2026.