Additional Funding for Norfolk Island Regional Council and the Tourism Industry

Media Release


26 May 2018

Further detail on the 2018 Budget

I am pleased to advise that the Norfolk Island Regional Council will receive a big boost to its operating budget over the next four years with an additional $8.3 million from the Australian Government.

The funding boost was one of the key measures earmarked for Norfolk Island in the 2018-19 Federal Budget and will be on top of the existing financial assistance payments provided by the Australian Government.

Increased financial assistance will support Council to deliver essential high priority works including infrastructure repairs; road maintenance and improvements, as well as providing environmentally effective waste and sanitation management— all of which will enhance the day to day lives of local residents and improve the experience on the Island for visitors.

Extra funding has been allocated in recognition of the increased costs and wider range of services the Council provides due to the Island's remote location.

The Budget also included additional funding to help grow the Island's tourism industry.

Over the next two years the Australian Government will provide $776,000 to increase visitor numbers to Norfolk Island and income generated from tourism activities.

The new investment builds on from the Australian Government's previous tourism marketing partnership arrangement with the Council and its ongoing commitment to underwrite air services to the Island from mainland Australia.

Reliable and cost effective transport to and from the Island is critical for the local community and for the Island's future economic development.

Visitor numbers to the Island have increased in recent years and this is projected to continue this year.

I look forward to working with Council on plans to continue that growth and ensure the benefits flow through the local economy.