Improved services for families on Norfolk Island

Media Release


19 May 2018

Further detail on the 2018 Budget

As part of the Australian Government's commitment to the education, health and safety of children and families on Norfolk Island, an additional $17.9 million will be invested over the next four years to provide reliable internet access to students at the school, increase vocational education and training opportunities and improve child and family wellbeing services on Island.

The Australian Government is providing new funding to ensure reliable internet access for Norfolk Island Central School students and staff to help improve educational resources. This will enable students to access the resources they need for their education and help teachers deliver their curriculum.

To help meet current and future employment demands for Norfolk Island, the Australian Government will provide financial assistance to local residents to go towards vocational education and training costs for eligible courses.

The Australian Government will continue to work alongside your community to strengthen child and family wellbeing services on Island. Additional support will be provided to the Child and Family Wellbeing Team on Island to ensure the delivery of improved services for children and families.

Funding will be provided to cover the accreditation of childcare services, once a child care regulator is in place on Norfolk Island. Until this happens, the Australian Government is considering interim funding options to provide childcare relief to families.

The additional funding recognises that providing support for children and families by offering opportunities and protections is an investment in the future and the next generation on Norfolk Island.