Report shows strong progress under National Road Safety Strategy

Media Release


06 November 2015

A progress report endorsed today by the Transport and Infrastructure Council in Adelaide shows that the annual number of people killed in road crashes has been reduced by almost one-fifth under the National Road Safety Strategy 2011–2020.

The Implementation Status Report 2015 also reports on the progress that has been made to implement the nineteen priority actions identified in the strategy's supporting National Road Safety Action Plan 2015–17.

Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack welcomed the Status Report and stressed the importance of tracking progress under the National Road Safety Strategy.

“All Governments are working toward the vision championed by the National Road Safety Strategy that no person should be killed or injured on Australia's roads.

“This report shows a considerable amount of work is under way across Australia to reduce deaths and injuries by implementing the National Road Safety Strategy through the efforts of all Australian Governments,” Mr McCormack said.

“The report demonstrates some positive progress is being achieved. It shows a reduction in deaths by almost one third of young drivers and motorcycle riders.

“We can also see clearly where our key challenges lie. Sadly, deaths of cyclists, as well as deaths of older drivers and riders, have increased significantly.

“The Australian Government is working in partnership with other Governments to deliver improvements to road safety, including through the $500 million Black Spot Programme, record investments in transport infrastructure, and safer vehicle standards.

“We've received consistent feedback from stakeholders seeking greater transparency about the National Road Safety Strategy and how it is being implemented. Today we have launched a new road safety website to provide a hub for information on the strategy, provide public progress reports and clearly explain the key policy principles and directions taken under the Strategy.

“The Australian Government remains committed to improving road safety and I am pleased we are being proactive in its encouragement.”

The Implementation Status Report and more information on the National Road Safety Strategy are available from the new website at