North South Corridor Planning Study

Media Release


19 May 2015

The Australian Government welcomes the release of the North South Corridor Planning Study which was suggested and funded by the Federal Government. The release of this report has taken too long.

Given this is the first time we have seen the final report, I have now sent this to Infrastructure Australia to seek their advice on what sections of the corridor should be prioritised for funding.

The Australian Government is fully committed to delivering the North South Corridor and I look forward to working with the Transport Minister Stephen Mullighan to plan a strategy on how best to deliver the entire upgrade once Infrastructure Australia has completed the work.

We are investing half a billion dollars more in the corridor than what the former Rudd/Gillard Government had committed.  Almost $200 million will be delivered next financial year, which will see the two priority sections of the corridor—the Torrens to Torrens and Darlington upgrade—underway.

Indeed if the State Government can deliver the project quicker than currently scheduled, the Australian Government will bring forward payments.

Our commitment to upgrade the entire corridor is ambitious but one that must be met if we are to boost South Australia's productive capacity and grow the economy.