Western Distributor Proposal

Media Release


30 April 2015

The Australian Government welcomes today's announcement from Transurban regarding its Western Distributor project proposal.

While we are happy to consider any job creating infrastructure that will drive economic growth in Victoria, this is the first detail we have seen from Transurban or the Victorian Government on this project.

It should be noted that it would be highly unusual for the Australian Government to commit funding to a major infrastructure project without a substantial financial contribution from the Victorian Government.

Any federal funding contribution would also be contingent upon Infrastructure Australia assessing a full business case of the proposed project.

What the Victorian Government needs to do today is get on with tackling the congestion that is already stifling Victoria's economic growth and prosperity.

The only action we've seen from Premier Andrews so far is to waste half a billion dollars of taxpayers' money to not build a road and a vague plan for the Melbourne Metro which won't be built for four years.

The Australian Government's position is clear. We want bulldozers on the ground and workers on the tools building world class infrastructure in Melbourne today.

$3 billion of federal funding remains on the table for any Victorian Government which wants to build the East West Link.

We will continue to talk with the Victorian Government about other projects, but the truth is there is no other major shovel ready project in town that will create thousands of jobs and unlock Melbourne's transport network.