$19.6 million to fix local black spots in Western Australia

Media Release


23 April 2015

Joint release with:

Senator Dean Smith

Senator for Western Australia
Chairperson of the Western Australian Black Spot Programme Consultative Panel

The Australian Government is building safer roads and a stronger economy through the national Black Spot Programme.

Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Jamie Briggs and Senator for Western Australia and Chair of the Western Australian Black Spot Consultative Panel Dean Smith today announced $19.6 million in funding for 77 Black Spot projects across Western Australia.

Mr Briggs said this funding is part of the Australian Government's record commitment of $500 million to the Black Spot Programme in the 2014 Budget which includes an additional $200 million to fast-track investment in world class infrastructure across the country.

“As a result of the Australian Government's additional investments, an extra 42 projects will be funded in Western Australia over 2015–16, meaning even safer roads, improved travel times for motorists and more local jobs,” Mr Briggs said.

“These extra projects are expected to save an additional five lives and prevent 256 injury crashes over 10 years, and deliver economic dividends of around $80 million,” he said.

Senator Smith said this investment in Black Spot projects will deliver safer roads for Western Australia through targeted upgrades proven to deliver results.

“Black Spot projects target dangerous roads to save lives and reduce road trauma, ensuring Australia's roads are made safer and more productive for all road users,” Senator Smith said.

“An evaluation of the Black Spot Programme has found that fatal and casualty crashes are reduced at treated sites by 30%, equaling one life per year for every 84 projects. Projects also return almost $7.00 for every $1 invested by reducing the number and cost of crashes.

“This programme is an excellent example of the very practical assistance the Australian Government can offer to local communities. I encourage local councils, community groups and individuals to nominate black spots in their local areas for consideration by the Consultative Panel,” he said.

The Western Australian panel which reviews priorities for the programme includes representatives from the Royal Automobile Club of WA, WA Road Transport Association, Office of Road Safety and state and local government.

The Australian Government broadened the eligibility criteria for project applications in 2015–16 and 2016–17 to ensure local communities have greater access to the $200 million in additional funding for road safety upgrades.

Our record investment in world class infrastructure will support more than $125 billion of construction activity across the country, ensuring we boost economic growth, slash travel times in our major cities and create thousands of jobs for a more prosperous future.

Nomination forms for Black Spot Projects are available at: investment.infrastructure.gov.au/funding/blackspots/nominate_black_spots.aspx

2015–16 Black Spot Projects—Western Australia

Project Name Treatment Australian Government Funding Local Government Area
Perkins Beach Road
From Torbay Inlet Road to 1.2km North
Realign road to improve road geometry at curves, upgrade pavement and seal to a width of 6.4m $375,000 City of Albany
Collingwood Road
From Drew Street to Warden Street
Construct right turn pockets at Drew and Warden Streets, relocate median and improve shared pathway connections $90,000 City of Albany
Westfield Road
Cammillo Road to Champion Drive
Install bus embayment, pedestrian refuge with lane separation lines, raised reflective pavement markers $386,200 City of Armadale
Forrest Road
Neilson Avenue
Install roundabout, upgrade street lighting, signs and line marking $366,560 City of Armadale
Railway Avenue
Westfield Road
Install pre deflection on all legs of roundabout $183,080 City of Armadale
Seventh Road
From Devereux Street to Gribble Avenue
Upgrade street lighting and install concrete shared path (east side) $147,500 City of Armadale
Strawberry Drive
From Seville Drive to San Jacinta Road
Install pedestrian refuge with lane separation lines, raised reflective pavement markers and signage $109,200 City of Armadale
Church Avenue
Commerce Avenue and Hobbs Drive
Install pre deflection on eastern leg of roundabout $93,700 City of Armadale
Ypres Road
O'Sullivan Drive
Reinforce priority, install median islands, upgrade street lighting $82,070 City of Armadale
Williams Road
From Braemore Street to Champion Drive
Install lane separation lines, raised reflective pavement markers and upgrade existing street lighting $81,800 City of Armadale
Waterwheel Road
From Albany Highway to 1.32km East
Install edge lines, raised reflective pavement markers and signage $45,460 City of Armadale
Alexander Drive
Kooyong Road
Install pre deflection nibs at existing single lane roundabout $80,000 City of Belmont
Gabriel Street
Fisher Street
Install paved median islands and improve/reinforce priority signs $75,000 City of Belmont
Blair Street
Clarke Street
Improve delineation through roundabout $15,000 City of Bunbury
Busselton Bypass
From Fairway Drive to 4.2km West
Construct new shared path $600,000 City of Busselton
Nicholson Road
Lynwood Avenue
Widen Lynwood Avenue approach to Nicholson Road providing left and right turn lanes, install seagull island in median opening on Nicholson Road $216,000 City of Canning
Adelaide Street
Point Street
Install roundabout $100,215 City of Fremantle
Marine Terrace
King William Street
Ban right turns from King William Street (west bound) onto Marine Terrace (north bound) by extending central median, ban left turns into King William Street from Marine Terrace (south bound) $42,000 City of Fremantle
Marine Terrace
South Street
Install seagull island in median (Marine Terrace) $33,000 City of Fremantle
Spencer Road
Langford Avenue
Install traffic signals, right turn arrows with filter, install/upgrade lighting, install traffic median, extend left and right turn pockets, protect right turn lane $965,000 City of Gosnells
Marmion Avenue
Shenton Avenue
Install pre deflection and anti–skid on south leg, rumble strips on centre lines for south, north, east legs of roundabout $310,000 City of Joondalup
Joondalup Drive
Shenton Avenue
Upgrade intersection lighting $246,000 City of Joondalup
Whitfords Avenue
Dampier Avenue
Modify traffic control signals to remove right turn filter movements on Whitfords Avenue $15,000 City of Joondalup
Goldfields Highway
From Boorara Road to Roberts Street
Provide street lighting $650,000 City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder
Gilmore Avenue
Chisham Avenue and Harlow Road
Upgrade street lighting, modify traffic control signals, install right turn arrow without filter (east and west leg), modify left slip lane, reduce radius (south leg) $235,000 City of Kwinana
Henry Street
Burlinton Street
Reinforce priority at intersection, install additional signage, linemarking, raised reflective pavement markers. Install low profile speed cushion on Burlinton Street and clear verge on west approach $21,000 City of Kwinana
Allnutt Street East
Dower Street
Modify traffic control signals to install right turn arrow (without filter) $109,000 City of Mandurah
Riseley Street
Willcock Street
Install pre deflection nibs on the southern and western leg of roundabout, upgrade street lighting $130,000 City of Melville
Farrington Road
From Logan Road to Casserley Drive
Upgrade existing street lighting $90,000 City of Melville
Gilbertson Road
From Williamson Road to Thomas Way
Upgrade street lighting $70,000 City of Melville
Solomon Street
Adrian Street
Install traffic island on approaches to improve/reinforce priority $40,000 City of Melville
Stirling Highway
Loch Street to Dalkeith Road
Remove existing redundant traffic islands and replace with painted islands $60,000 City of Nedlands
Port Kennedy Drive
Bakewell Drive to Blackburn Drive
Install painted right turn islands (eastern approach), install traffic island (east) $240,000 City of Rockingham
Safety Bay Road
Arpenteur Drive
Install seagull island $18,000 City of Rockingham
Hayman Road
Thelma Street
Install roundabout $530,000 City of South Perth
Alexander Drive
Gordon Road West
Prevent right turns from Gordon Road (west) onto Alexander Drive and right turns from Alexander Drive onto Gordon Road (west) by installing median island on the Gordon Road (west) approach, install seagull traffic island $180,000 City of Stirling
Winthrop Avenue
Hardy Road
Improve/reinforce priority signage, install traffic median on south approach $18,000 City of Subiaco
Neaves Road
From Kirby Road to Old West Road
Seal shoulders to a minimum 1.0m, install edge lines raised reflective pavement markers $405,000 City of Swan
Alexander Drive
Beach Road
Apply skid resistance treatment on North, South and East approaches, reinstate line markings $156,000 City of Swan
Marangaroo Drive
Illawarra Crescent
Install pre deflection on Marangaroo Drive approaches to roundabout $123,000 City of Swan
Cassowary Drive
From Illawarra Crescent to Bellefin Drive
Upgrade existing street lighting $60,000 City of Swan
Campersic Road
From Dalgety Road to William Street
Seal shoulders to 1m wide $56,300 City of Swan
London Street
Hobart Street
Ban right turns by installing median through intersection along London Street $30,000 City of Vincent
Hainsworth Avenue
Montrose Avenue
Install pre deflections on all approaches to roundabout $221,260 City of Wanneroo
Marmion Avenue
Rochester Drive
Construct an acceleration lane in Marmion Avenue median for right turning vehicles to merge with southbound lane traffic $200,000 City of Wanneroo
Mirrabooka Avenue
Montrose Avenue and Koondoola Avenue
Install street lights at Montrose Avenue and Koondoola Avenue approaches to Mirrabooka Avenue intersection, install anti-skid treatment on all approaches $76,920 City of Wanneroo
Waldburg Drive
Clarkson Avenue and Yandella Promenade
Extend intersection approach island on Clarkson Avenue towards Waldburg Drive, extend median island on Waldburg Drive, adjust pram ramps on Waldburg Drive/Clarkson Avenue/Yandella Prom, install linemarking and tactiles $46,920 City of Wanneroo
Ocean Keys Boulevard
Key Largo Drive
Upgrade existing lighting $25,000 City of Wanneroo
Brockman Highway
From Blackboy Flat Road to 3km East
Reconstruct superelevation on substandard curves and install additional guide posts and curve alignment markers $150,000 Shire of Bridgetown Greenbushes
Hamersley Street
Haas Street
Construct roundabout $595,000 Shire of Broome
Cable Beach Road East
Reid Road and Tafe Access Road
Construct roundabout, improve lighting, line marking and signage $580,000 Shire of Broome
Bussell Highway
Spurr Street
Install street lighting $210,000 Shire of Capel
Eneabba Coolimba Road
From 4.9km to 16.7km East of Indian Ocean Drive
Recondition shoulders to 9.0 metres & widen seal to 7.2 metres $653,000 Shire of Carnamah
Blue Plains Road
Maddern Road
Realign Maddern Road to form a staggered T to improve intersection geometry and delineation $303,900 Shire of Chittering
Muchea East Road
Wandena Road
Upgrade intersection geometry by increasing the intersection radii and delineation, seal to 8m wide to improve vertical and horizontal geometry, improve sight distance by clearing vegetation $291,600 Shire of Chittering
Julimar Road
From 3.6km to 4.1km East of Chittering Road
Realignment of existing curve to improve poor horizontal and vertical geometry $217,800 Shire of Chittering
Brand Highway
From Mogumber Road to 4.1km North
Widen and seal shoulders to 1m, install audible edge lines $1,000,000 Shire of Dandaragan
Forrest Highway
Hynes Road
Install street lighting $270,000 Shire of Dardanup
Balingup Nannup Road
4.4km section near Running Brook
Remove road side hazards, improve clear zone, reinstate shoulders, install delineation and advisory signs on curves $550,000 Shire of Donnybrook Balingup
Charley Creek Road
From Donnybrook-Boyup Brook Road to 3km South
Remove road side hazards, improve clear zone layback embankment, reinstate shoulders, install delineation and advisory signs on curves $500,000 Shire of Donnybrook Balingup
Balingup-Nannup Road
From 5.4kms to 10kms South West of Balingup
Remove road side hazards, improve clear zone, reinstate shoulders, install delineation and advisory signs on curves $250,000 Shire of Donnybrook Balingup
Welshpool Road East
Between both Crystal Brook Road intersections
Install wire rope barrier between Crystal Brook Road intersection on the median and left hand verge (west bound) $439,877 Shire of Kalamunda
Kalamunda Road
From Hawtin Road to 800m South
Provide a left hand service lane near traffic control signals on Kalamunda Road, install edge lines, provide 1.5m sealed shoulder $163,289 Shire of Kalamunda
Kukerin Road
Tyson Road to M Walker Road
Improve horizontal geometry by realigning curves, improve intersection geometry, widen culverts and improve delineation and signage $675,280 Shire of Kulin
Roland Road
From Byfield Road to Cameron Road
Seal shoulders 0.5m wide, install edge line both sides, install guide posts reduce roadside vegetation $422,440 Shire of Mundaring
Thomas Road
From Hardey Road to Charles Road
Seal shoulders 0.5m wide, install edge line both sides, install guide posts, reduce roadside vegetation $309,500 Shire of Mundaring
Paterson Road
From 220m South to 1.72km North of Old Mandurah Road
Widen road to a 9m seal including 1m sealed shoulder with painted edge line & 1.5m gravel shoulders on both sides $360,000 Shire of Murray
Paterson Road
From South Western Highway to 1.83km North
Widen road to a 9m seal including 1m sealed shoulder with edge lines and 1.5m gravel shoulders on both sides $345,000 Shire of Murray
Werribee Road
From Hawke Avenue to Doys Road
Widen seal from 5.5m to 7m, clear obstructing vegetation $205,564 Shire of Northam
O'Neill Road
Albany Highway
Construct a slip lane adjacent to Albany Highway to facilitate entry into O'Neill Road $44,219 Shire of Plantagenet
Hopkinson Road
Bridge approximately 250m south of Jersey Road
Improve cross sectional width of bridge, provide two 3.5m traffic lanes $177,500 Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale
Kargotich Road
From Thomas Road to Mundijong Road
Install edge lines and raised pavement markers, alter existing centreline and signage $70,000 Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale
Julimar Road
From 45m West of Grey St for 3.9km West
Construct and seal to a road width of 7m, prune roadside vegetation, install additional advisory signs and guideposts $334,938 Shire of Toodyay
Moramocking Road
3.4km section South West of Wandering
Improve crest and curves, seal road pavement and clear road side vegetation to improve sight distance $523,548 Shire of Wandering
Harborne Street
Grantham Street
Modify traffic control signals, remove right turn filter (North and South legs), install new pedestrian phase on all legs, modify overhead mast arms (North and South legs) and protected right turn pockets (North and South legs) $700,000 Town of Cambridge
Shepperton Road
Gresham Street
Install median islands on Shepperton Road to restrict right turns into and out of Gresham Street $775,000 Town of Victoria Park
Albany Highway
Welshpool Road and Shepperton Road
Extend dedicated right turn lane on Albany Highway (west leg) $80,000 Town of Victoria Park