Motor Vehicle Standards Review—Safer roads and better cars

Media Release


16 April 2015

The Australian Government is getting on with delivering safer roads and better vehicles for motorists as part of our detailed review of the Motor Vehicle Standards Act (MVSA).

The MVSA delivers national vehicle standards for new motor vehicles and regulates the first supply of imported vehicles to the Australian market.

The Australian Government has consulted broadly for the past 12 months to ensure we strike the balance between appropriate safety standards, in line with international best practice, and consumer access to vehicles at the lowest possible cost.

As part of this process the personal importation of new cars has been a key consideration, particularly given the end of light vehicle manufacturing in Australia in 2017–18.

Cabinet has now agreed to consider possible options to reduce restrictions on the personal importation of new vehicles after further public consultation is undertaken. The Australian Government is not inclined to take the same approach with used vehicles.

We are, however, considering how we can continue to support specialist and enthusiast vehicles to be imported without impacting on road safety.

Any potential changes in this area will be focused on ensuring consumers have access to the lowest cost, safest and youngest car fleet possible.

As part of the Review more broadly, the Australian Government will continue to cut unnecessary red tape by accelerating the harmonisation of our vehicle standards with international best practice to ensure we lower costs for business and make Australia more competitive.

Currently, the MVSA imposes $281 million a year in regulatory compliance costs to Australian business and we are confident these costs can be reduced substantially.

Consultation on the Australian Government's intention to consider options to reduce restrictions on the personal importation of new vehicles will now be undertaken until the end of May and will inform a final decision later this year.

We are committed to improving road safety, reducing unnecessary red tape and driving greater competition and consumer choice in our vehicle market.

Information on how the public can participate in the consultation process can be accessed online at