Just build the East West Link

Media Release


10 April 2015

This morning's truck fire on the West Gate Bridge which is causing traffic chaos for inbound travel into Melbourne again highlights why we need a second river crossing immediately.

Premier Andrews' reckless decision to tear up the East West Link contract and to legislate away the legal rights of existing contractors is grinding Victoria to a halt and damaging our reputation.

The East West Link is the only project in Victoria that will provide a genuine alternative to the West Gate Bridge, create almost 7000 jobs and get Melbourne traffic moving again.

Even Bill Shorten once supported a second river crossing stating in a joint submission to Sir Rod Eddington's report in 2008:-

“Melbourne cannot afford to continue its over‐reliance on the West Gate Bridge. At present, the city's transport network is highly vulnerable to constraints and disruptions on the bridge. There is a need for an alternative to the bridge”.

The East-West Link is that alternative and it's ready to go. Tens of millions of dollars and years of planning have already been invested to get the project shovel ready.

It's time Bill Shorten stopped dodging the issue and called on Premier Andrews to abandon his ridiculous plans to cancel the project and get on with delivering for Victorians.

Motorists are screaming out for a genuine solution, people are desperate for jobs and the East West Link is the only project that will deliver both quickly.

The Australian Government has invested $3 billion towards accelerating both stages of this vital project and we're ready to deliver it.