A Smarter Future for Tasmania

Media Release


12 June 2014

Joint release with:

Senator Stephen Parry

Deputy President of the Senate
Senator for Tasmania

The Australian Government has delivered $13 million towards a unique data programme set to transform agriculture and create hundreds of high-tech, high-skilled jobs in Tasmania.

Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Jamie Briggs today announced that the funding will be provided to the University of Tasmania's Sense-T project as part of the Australian Government's $106 million Tasmanian Jobs and Growth Plan.

“Based at the University of Tasmania, Sense-T draws real-time data from sensors across the state to feed smart phone apps and online tools helping farmers be more competitive, efficient and sustainable,” Mr Briggs said.

“Up to 250 jobs are expected to be created in areas such as data analytics, software engineering, sensor technology, research and project management—50 positions have already been created.

“We want Australian businesses to innovate and always strive to be smarter.

“With our assistance, the Tasmanian and Australian agricultural sectors will be the smartest in the world, driven by leading research from one of the world's top universities.”

Senator for Tasmania Stephen Parry said when Sense-T was established in 2012 it proved a strong catalyst for regional development, driving a smarter future for traditional industries while creating new digital services jobs.

“When I was introduced to the Sense-T concept, I wanted to strongly prosecute its case for federal funding,” Senator Parry said.

“I am particularly impressed with Sense-T's aim to create an economy-wide sensor network in Tasmania—linking existing sensors and encouraging investment in new ones.  Its initial focus has been on agriculture, with projects in beef, dairy, oysters, wine and water management.

“Sense-T has already delivered prototype technology and tools for farmers and government and has also attracted international investment.”

The Australian Government's Tasmanian Jobs and Growth Plan is a $106 million package which funds projects that provide real action, building a stronger Tasmanian economy by supporting jobs and growth.