ACT Ministerial Business Roundtable Re-established

Media Release


24 February 2014

Today I was pleased to Chair a ministerial business roundtable with the ACT Chief Minister and key members of the ACT business community to discuss opportunities to diversify and strengthen the local economy of the nation's capital.

This is the first roundtable meeting since 2005 and demonstrates the Australian Government's commitment to support and encourage private sector growth in the ACT.

The re-establishment of the ministerial business roundtable on a bi-annual basis is an important measure to ensure government and the business community work cooperatively to boost the economy and create jobs.

While the ACT continues to be the central hub of the Australian Government, with 38% of the population employed in the federal public sector, it is increasingly a place for private sector investment.

In fact, there are now over 25,000 small businesses in the ACT.

By cutting red tape and making it easier for business to employ people, we can ensure these businesses grow and prosper.

The Australian Government continues to support infrastructure investment in the region, including the $144 million contribution towards the Majura Parkway project and the upgrade of Constitution Ave.

We will continue to work with the ACT Government to identify new infrastructure investment opportunities that grow the local economy and also progress new projects that can boost visitor numbers, such as the Australia Forum proposal. 

The Australian Government looks forward to working with the ACT Government and the local business community to grow the local economy and support jobs.