Boost for IOT Budget bottom line

Media Release


03 April 2014

For the first time residents on Christmas and Cocos Islands will have direct access to the full detail of federal funding for their community with the release of the Indian Ocean Territories (IOT) Budget.

The IOT Budget Update, released today, details over $167 million of operational and capital expenditure for IOT in 2013–14, administered by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

The IOT have received a boost of some $7.4 million to the 2013–14 Budget bottom line, following the mid-financial year review.

The adjustments provide an additional $6.7 million in operational funds and another $700,000 for important capital works.

The Australian Government will publish the 2014–15 Budget forecast for the IOT following the release of the federal budget in May.

We have committed to releasing the IOT Budget to strengthen transparency for the Territories and to lock-in stronger accountability in the budget process.

Highlights of the 2013–14 Budget include:

  • $34 million for general state-type services including $15 million for education and $9 million for water and wastewater services;
  • $19 million for health services;
  • $20 million for power supply;
  • $21 million for air and port services including passenger flights and facility management;
  • $11 million for community services including public transport and travel, broadcasting and emergency services, and public housing; and
  • $41 million for capital projects including the extension of the Christmas Island Hospital.

The Australian Government recognises the unique needs of Australia’s territories and the challenges posed by distance.

This Budget supports the continued delivery of essential services to the communities of IOT.

Full details are available in the 2013-14 IOT Budget which can be found at the following site -