Coalition to Fund Business Case for Darlington Interchange

Media Release


30 October 2013

The Coalition Government will provide funding to the South Australian Government to urgently complete the business case for the Darlington interchange project on South Road.

We expect this work to be well underway by Christmas and completed shortly thereafter.

This is not only an indication of our seriousness, but as an act of faith with the State Government to ensure that this important project starts as soon as practicable.

We have also asked the State Government to continue with the planning for the Torrens to Torrens project, using the $20 million in Australian Government funding that has already been provided.

Consistent with our very clear election commitment, the Coalition Government will allocate $500 million to complete the Darlington interchange as a priority.

However, our commitment to Darlington in no way diminishes the importance of upgrading other sections of South Road.

In fact, the Coalition Government is committed to upgrading the entire South Road within a decade.

We expect to allocate significantly more funding in the coming years to get the Torrens to Torrens project completed and additional upgrades underway.

Our plan to upgrade the entire length of South Road is an ambitious commitment, but one that must be met if we are to boost South Australia's productive capacity for the future.