North-South Road Corridor

Media Release


19 October 2013

Today the Prime Minister committed the Coalition to a completed North-South Road corridor in a decade.

This will begin with an upgrade to the Darlington interchange as promised in the election campaign. The federal Coalition will spend $500 million on this project to ensure it is delivered.

We expect that the South Australian Government will now urgently, and at least prior to Christmas, develop a comprehensive business case proposal for the implementation of this project. We welcome the state Liberal commitment to this project as a priority.

Equally, the work that the State Government is conducting on the Torrens-to-Torrens section should continue as funded by the Federal Government. The Coalition believes this is also an important project and we will work with the State Government on ways to ensure that is completed as well.

Finally, to achieve the complete upgrade of the corridor over the decade, I have asked my Department to work with the State Government and Infrastructure Australia on a plan to ensure that this is achieved.

I look forward to discussing these priorities with the State Government over the coming weeks to ensure that South Australians see these important works commence as soon as possible.

Tony Abbott is determined to be known as an infrastructure Prime Minister because we want to be an infrastructure Government.